Life Key essences are flower and gem essences that relate to the major and minor chakras.  Each of these essences relates to a particular chakra and etheric level.  Life Key Essences help to balance energy in the meridians, chakras and etheric levels.  Acupuncture points on the body are actually chakras and so are an interface between the physical and the spiritual realms. Life Key Essences, via the chakras,  support the etheric structure around the body, the gridwork of lines that are the leylines of the body.

Blocks to flow in the meridians can cause physical symptoms like pain and ultimately lead to illness.  Life Key Essences can shine a light on the emotional and spiritual aspects of each chakra or acupuncture point as they gently help to balance the energy in each point.  These essences can give us the understanding we made need to assist with shifting any blocks or lack of balance.

They are about connecting to spirit, aligning more deeply with our intention or will, connecting to our core, accessing and coming to express our creativity – our divine purpose. I believe we all need to contact this creativity in order to be fulfilled – creating allows us to move into that space where we have a direct line to source, this is the space where synchronicities happen, where healing takes place, it is where we express our true selves.

Change can be difficult, it may mean going against the beliefs of family, friends or the prevailing attitudes around us. Standing strongly in our own truth and vision when faced with disbelief or disdain can be painful and isolating.  Life Key Essences support the process of change, mobilising us when we are stuck, holding us when we are alone and discouraged and moving us into joy and motion once again.  They are friends on the journey.

I use the essences in conjunction with kinesiology in order to support change and growth.