I run the following workshops generally in Spring:

Edible Weeds – a short workshop to help with the identification and use of edible weeds.

Making herbal creams, infusions and tinctures – a deeper dive into some traditional herbal medicines. You will take home an herbal cream, an infusion and a tincture.

Flower Essence workshop – make you own medicine for the soul. Learn a bit about the history of flower essences and how to make your own. You will take home an essence you have created yourself.

Green Oil workshop – over 8 weeks we explore the properties of the 16 herbs that go into this infusion and you will make your own jar of this wonderful healing oil.

Chakra group – over 7 weeks we explore each of the major chakras, taking the Life Key Essence that relates to each one. It is a healing journey into different aspects of the self.

Contact me if you are interested in any of these workshops.