Bush Essences Update

All of my Bush Essences are now available in the online shop 





The complete set now includes essences made at Mt Alexander, Mt Franklin, Mt Tarrengower and Charlton.  Please click here for a full description of each essence.

I hope these essences bring a taste of the magic of Jaara Country into your life.  The dry, dusty and damaged bushland in Central Victoria has so much beauty,   it’s harsh surface hides a gentleness and deep and ancient wisdom.  These essences have taken me on a journey of transformation, they have given me an expanded awareness of myself and a deeper respect for country.  I hope that they will take you on your own journey of transformation.     


I’m now back at work

My holiday is over and in the last two weeks my garden has really moved into Spring.  The grape vine is coming to life, the fruit trees are blossoming  and there is a riot of messy and colourful Spring weeds/herbs that are more than a bit out of control.  I’m really enjoying the native indigo which is in full flower – such a beautiful plant.

I have appointments available next week, so please book in now if you’re in need of a balance.

Spring Break

Life Key Essences will be on a Spring Break from Friday 14th of September until Wednesday the 3rd of October.  If you were thinking about an appointment please book in soon for a time in the next week.  If you would like to order some products please do so as soon as possible.

Remember that Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth after our Winter withdrawal.  It’s a good time for a cleanse and lots of leafy greens to give us the energy for our new beginning.  Click here for more information about Spring and enjoy the blossom!


It’s a beautiful foggy morning in Bendigo today – I like the feeling of being blanketed in fog.  This wintery weather emphasises the yin nature of Winter, it’s time to sit, rest and reflect.  You can read more about the energy of Winter here.  I’d planned to do some gardening today, but feel more like reading a book in front of the fire…


More Thoughts on Grief…

When grief is overwhelming or unrelenting there are some remedies that can assist.  The Bach Flower remedies cover a range of emotional states such as depression, despair and hopelessness.  The homeopathic remedy Ignatia can also be taken for anxiety, insomnia and depression due to an inability to assimilate grief and loss.  And my own essence The Elixir of Life can help with freedom from attachment, letting go and a new beginning.

Often it is the new beginning that we have trouble with – trying to imagine a life without the being who has passed.  But grief is not something we should try to escape from, it helps us to live more deeply and fully and strips away barriers.  This is incredibly painful and we may be left feeling raw and exposed at times, but ultimately it can make us more human and connected.    That sense of deep loss can make us pay more attention to the precious people and animals in our lives. Our sense of mortality – our acknowledgement of death and our fleeting time on earth – can help us to be more present, to live more fully and can possibly allow us to live with greater joy.

Strange Grief

I had an overwhelming sense of grief over the weekend, which I thought was due to the recent death of my dog.  Then a friend reminded me of the date and I realised it was the anniversary of the passing of my very good friend, teacher, healer and mentor.  I’m not very good at remembering dates, but somehow our bodies or emotional body remembers the passing and we slip into grief.  Again.  And it feels as strong as it was in the beginning.  Recognition of what grief I was feeling did create a shift and now the candles are lit in remembrance and gratitude having known this wonderful person.

And some candles for my beautiful boy as well.

Bush Essences

Over the last couple of years I’ve been venturing into the bush around Bendigo making a series of bush essences.  These essences are as much about place as about person, made in damaged landscapes that in some way reflect our inner terrain. The project is now finished (or so I believe for the moment)!

In total there are 11 essences.  The first 7 will go into the online shop today, the next 4 will be there soon.  You can read about all of these new essences here.

This has been quite a journey for me and my four legged essence assistant as we moved out of the backyard essence laboratory and into the open spaces.  We’ve both covered a lot of country and I feel quite transformed by the process.  I hope that these essences resonate with you.

Core Light Healing

I was excited to find out recently that Barbara Ann Brennan has a new book out “Core Light Healing”.  This book follows on from her earlier two books “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging”.  These books have been hugely influential in my life and the lives of many energetic workers.

The new book looks at the creative process and how we can heal wounds to become co-creators of our lives.  You can follow this link for further information on this great book https://www.barbarabrennan.com/core-light-healing/

I’m still reading it slowly as there is plenty of information to digest.

Welcome to 2018

Yesterday I welcomed in the New Year by doing readings with friends.  This seems like a lovely new tradition to embrace.  My challenge card for the year is The Fool.  The Fool is the zero card of the tarot, the first stage of a new journey.

The Fool is an innocent, embarking on a journey with spontaneity and trust.  The Motherpeace Tarot says “The Fool is not afraid to believe in something divine or greater than ego.  She invites a return of the Mysteries and a leap of faith into cosmic experience.”

So, I’m taking a leap into foolishness, placing greater trust in the flow of life and aiming to avoid tripping myself up through logic or over thinking everything.

My keyword for the year is “trust”.  What is your keyword for 2018?