Other Essences

Zeolite Gem Essence

Has the message of peace.

  • Brings harmony to soul and spirit
  • Allows acceptance of self
  • Releases toxins in the physical

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Pink Fluorite Gem Essence

Gets to the heart of any physical or emotional problem

  • shifts blocks to heart connection
  • helps connect to the collective cosmic consciousness
  • prevention & repairs of RNA/DNA damage

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Nectarine Leaf

Brings the message of strength – the strength of a unified auric field.

  • To hold you safely as great change occurs
  • Shields and protects as the world evolves
  • Remain true to self as you give birth to a new you in a new era

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Black Eyed Susan

Supports you on your individual journey.

  •  It helps you stand strong against outside influences
  • Gives you the ability to express your feminine/inner truth
  • Stand tall on your path

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Integrity (native indigo – indigofera australis)

For the integration and activation of your crystalline core

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