Working with Life Key Essences

I started making my essences in 1999. I thought that I would only make seven – one for each of the seven major chakras. However, the essences kept coming and I now have 33 for the front of the major and minor chakras and a tincture that sits at the rear of most chakras.

Often when I’m working a single essence will come up for people, relating to the issues of that particular chakra. It is possible to get more specific with the location of the issue when necessary, so sometimes the etheric level within the chakra will also come up.

For example, at the moment I have an issue with my mouth chakra. This chakra is about Expansion into a freer version of self. “The mouth Chakra operates at the level of expression but this does not mean only verbal expression, it refers to the broader expression of our deeper selves.” It’s about freeing ourselves to follow the life that we really want.

At this time, the issue in the mouth chakra is sitting at level 16 (Honesty essence). “Balance on Level 16 results in an ability to calmly and easily express our true nature and live according to our soul values. When we have found balance here life begins to flow on many levels as never before. Finally our inner voice is in sync with our outer lives. Here lies true freedom – the ability to truly be ourselves. We no longer shy away from expressing our deeper nature, it just emerges naturally in our every action. The conflict between inner and outer expression is overcome and our lives expand accordingly.”

For me, at this time, I need to overcome my reluctance to dive more deeply into my essence work and share this more openly in the world. And seeing the photos of the flowers just makes me sooo happy.

Colour Mandalas

Mandala # 23 The Sky Blue Scope relates to the sound chord of F#, the stone of Sodalite and the animal Superb Blue (Fairy) Wren

In my work I often use colour mandalas to support clients through the changes they may experience after a session. Each mandala relates to an acupuncture point on the body, so they complement my kinesiology practice. The following is an excerpt from the Peace Space Colour Deck describing how the mandalas work.

While I look at the points from a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to the physical and psycho-spiritual perspective, the use of the mandalas can extend our understanding further. The mandalas bring in the frequencies of colour and shape, and offer a different insight into the psycho-spiritual aspects of the points. Each mandala also has a sound, stone and an animal associated with it, so, many vibrations can be drawn in as supports for healing. A client can then work with the aspect that resonates with them best.

Workshops 2024

In February I will be holding workshops again.

Saturday February 3 – making herbal creams, infusions and tinctures.  A morning making herbal products and learning about the properties of a selection of herbs. This is a very practical, hands on workshop that will give you the confidence to make your own herbal remedies. All materials provided, other times can be arranged if you can’t make this one. Arrive at 9.00am for a 9.30 start, bring lunch to share if you would like to.

Tuesday February 6 – chakra group – a seven week journey through the major chakras.  We will look at one chakra a week and the Life Key Essence related to that chakra.  I found this to be a very healing process after the stress of the last few years. This group can take place online or face to face, 10am to 11am  or a mutually agreed time.

“Thank you for your diverse knowledge and gentle soulful guidance as we explored the many aspects of the seven chakras. A wonderfully relaxed and enriching course…”(Lisa)

You can register for these workshops with me or book and pay here.

Some of the plant workshops can only be run in Spring. I’m still working on the timetable for the year, I will post the dates when I’ve finalised them.

Welcome to 2024

2023 was a year of workshops for Life Key Essences. The workshops started with Edible Weeds and from that grew the Making Herbal Creams, Infusions and Tinctures workshop – a deeper dive into the properties of the plants and their uses. Below are images of my messy garden, bugle and mullein.

Some people expressed an interest in learning to make Green Oil, this involved looking at 16 weeds/herbs, some of which we’d looked at in previous workshops. From these plants our Green Oil concoction grew, it is a wonderful healing oil with a broad range of applications.

I finished the year with a chakra workshop, here we looked at the seven major chakras and the Life Key Essence that relates to each one. I found this to be very healing after the stress of the last few years. It was interesting to work through the chakra issues and reflect on how our survival, tribe, expression and other areas had been impacted by the extreme restrictions that were placed on us in Victoria.

I’m currently working on a timetable for workshops in 2024 and will put out a newsletter shortly.

I hope that 2024 brings you much joy, abundance and love.

Green oil workshop

Our green oil workshop has been running for a number of weeks now and everyone’s bottle of oil is looking great. Today we went on a road trip to gather white willow to add to our green oil. White willow was the herb that aspirin is based on, however it doesn’t cause some of the issues that the synthetic version does.

Working with Life Key Essences

A weekly group looking at the seven major chakras and the essence associated with each one.

We will take a journey through one chakra each week, looking at the issues located in each chakra and taking note of any challenges, blocks or joy and positivity in each one.

In the weekly sessions we will look at how we can move through any issues with the assistance of the essences and other practical activities.

I would like to be able to start this next Tuesday, the 7th of November, 7.30-8.30 pm, so that we can complete before Christmas. Please contact me asap if you are interested.

Cost is $10 for each session and essences will be available for purchase at the discounted price of $10.

New essence – Integrity

On Friday, at the new moon I made a new essence – Integrity. Made from the beautiful native indigo (indigofera australis) with the purpose of integrating and activating the crystalline core.

The time for action is now here. Movement will now be possible at a deep core level through the integration of your crystalline core. Action will now be fully aligned with your vision for a brighter world. The activation of your core will bring an energy of new vistas and possibilities for your self, your community and your future world.

Your vision will open to new ways of seeing and enable you to throw off the restrictive ways of the past. Blocks will dissolve as the crystal core is freed to flow and permeates your cells, healing old wounds as it moves through your being.

Now available in the shop


When I got home from my early morning swim there was a baby gecko on the front door. In the Peace Space work Gecko aligns with Clearing and Protection Mandala # 119 Embracing the Bannister. “This is a reminder to be like a Gecko in keeping a ‘good positive focus’ and ‘taking a firm grip or stance’ on your pathway of Ascension so that you may remain stable, safe and sound in this, your life’s journey” (The Animal Companions).

This mandala sits at level 2 which relates to the left eye and is about reactive sight and will help you to observe your reactive responses with discernment. It’s shape is the square, a symbol of spiritual strength, which provides a secure boundary for your intuition.

I’ve been wondering what to focus on next in my work and pondering how to structure some new workshops. I’m grateful for gecko’s company as I take ‘hold of the Stair rail of Spiritual Striving’ once again.

Selenite Gem Essence

My striations reflect your lines of energy – your etheric structure.  I bring strength and structure to your form.  I encourage your inner light to glow with clarity and your crystal core to energise your entire being.

“For intellectual clarity and competency.  For cleansing of all stone and mineral.  Expansion of awareness of self and surroundings.  Access to the past and future lives. To decrease reticence and aid acquisition of business. Aids issues of judgement, provides insight and just adjudication of disputes.  Cuts through subconscious assumptions and promotes reconnection between the conscious and subconscious and to understand the superficial and deeper meaning inherent in same.  Allow on access to the inner physical in order to understand existing disorder and provide information with respect to healing.  Alignment of the spinal column.  For flexibility of the muscle system.  For poisoning such as by the metal of tooth fillings.  For free-radical damage such as tumours, age spots, wrinkles, light sensitivity, cancer.  Disorders of the skeletal system.  To stabilise epileptic disorder.  “ (Melody – Love is in the Earth)

Sits with Mandala # 38 The Seesaw of Evaluation. 

“the torchlight energy… has the ability to focus healing on the etheric lines and dispel the susceptibility in the pattern and repair the locks of safety.

This torchlight is akin to the usage of salt.  It dis-spells infection, it draws and absorbs spillage, it preserves and enhances the senses.”

Pigeon and Dove

I try to pay attention to animals and the messages they bring. I don’t much like pigeons. Many years ago I was staying in a house in London, my room was on the top floor and there were pigeons in the roof, I was really irritated by their incessant cooing. The day after I left the house to go travelling, the ceiling collapsed right on top of where my bed had been.

Yesterday there was a young pigeon on my doorstep when I went to leave. It was on the driveway when I was driving out and it sat there as I drove past. When I got home I looked up my animal book to see what it was about.

Pigeon or Dove sits with Noon/Etheric Transfusion (which pertains to our understanding of the New World perspective) in the Peace Space work, and sits on the stomach meridian. I had Steps 25 & 26 of Etheric Transfusion (which sit at stomach # 1) come up last week in relation to an ongoing shoulder problem – I developed a frozen shoulder in 2021 due to stress.

I’d been working on the muscle pectoralis minor to do a retrograde lymph correction. The stomach meridian point the showed to work on was stomach # 1 “receive tears” which empowers the processing of undigested emotional material. The last few years have been extremely difficult to navigate as we let go of the past in order to step into the New World, into the unknown. There has been a lot of emotion that has been unable to be expressed.

Step 25 works on the base diamond of Dreams and Destiny and helps you “to enclose and crystallize your island of what it is your want for your land – the land you love – and what it is you want to lend your hand to. This instills the trust required within yourself to hold the pattern of your Destiny and make it happen.” I’ve been trying to hold a vision of a different/better world. I’m hoping that we will move towards a more community minded, more natural future where we have a greater connection to the land.

Step 26 – Flying Home on the Wings of a Dove, “aligns and alights the nervous system…blood flow… and your brain perception… and offers radiation protection.”

This draws together so many threads of issues I’ve been working on such as a sluggish lymph system, an overworked nervous system and my sensitivity to EMF’s.


On the wings of a dove

Fly home

Your Dreams and Destiny

With your Gifts and Abilities

Beliefs and Belongings


All conscious

I hope all the threads are now coming together and helping to weave our new world.

When I went outside the next day there were two fledgling pigeons, perhaps that signifies co-creation. Unfortunately they were skittish and I couldn’t get a photo of them together. So thank you pigeons for bringing me another perspective on the issues I’m working through and my movement into the new. I’ll look at you differently from now on.