Relates to the Pancreas Chakra & the Level of Generative – Level 26

  • Clean Sweep
  • Elimination of the old
  • Breath of Promise

The energy of this essence is like a cool breeze moving through the body, clearing old stagnant energy it a clean sweep.  This movement of old cells and lymph shifts the focus of the body’s energy from elimination to the production of the new.  It allows for freshness of spirit and an energising of the whole system.  It encourages us to take a deep, soulful breath of promise and exhale the old tired dissatisfactions of the past.  Breathe anew.

Pancreas/Spleen Chakra

This chakra is positioned at the left spleen alarm point.  When this point is not functioning fully we experience physical and spiritual exhaustion.  A deep, pervasive weariness can overtake our being so that the smallest effort is too much. There is an absence of joy here, the joy we gain from everyday things and small pleasures.  We feel grudging in our involvement with others and interactions in the world.  We are not very nice.

Balancing this chakra will return us to a state of joyful participation in our own lives.  We can let go of the past that has weighed us down through tests and hardships.  We can move out of that joyless state and allow ourselves to be receptive to the beauty of the everyday.

Level 26 Generative

At Level 26 we encounter our ability to succeed in the material world without having to give up our ideals.  We have traversed the hardships of the other levels, grappled with self doubt, been reduced to our most humble selves leaving ego behind and now we come to the generative point.  Here we can begin to reap rewards in a new way.  By following our hearts rather than the dictates of limited logic we now produce the means to support our vision without any compromise.  We can live our dream.

Yarrow Tincture (Rear Pancreas/Spleen Chakra BL 52 Will Chamber)

Yarrow is a wonderful herb for bringing the hidden out and giving it expression.  It gets things moving on a deep level and activates a deep inner change that propels us into action on an inner level.  Here we are moved into a place of deep change allowing ourselves to move into new spaces within ourselves, spaces that are new to us anyway.  This shifting of parts of ourselves that we have hidden from our conscious mind is so liberating for the soul.  Deep places are allowed freedom and can be expressed.  We can see a future with a completely new energy.  We can move into these new aspects and live in a new way.  Our energy lines become freer.  We flow more easily.  We are beyond the restrictions of our previous selves and can live our lives with a sense of freedom that we have never felt before.  We have moved beyond the past and its defined course of action and into the new.  We radiate a new energy that speaks of a deep inner connection to self and the freedom of following our own path.  Stagnation is replaced with motivation.  And this motivation is driven by our free flowing energy.  Joy may be possible again.

Front Left Side Spleen 16 Abdominal Lament / Peacespace Mandala 51 The Arch of Assumption

Rear Left Bladder 52 Will Chamber / Peacespace Indigo Indigo Energenetics

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