Jaara Country

  Jaara Country has been severely damaged since white settlement through mining, land clearing and land management practices that are less than ideal.  These essences come from this damaged landscape and help to heal our own internal landscape.  There are eleven essences in total, each one helps us to work through a damaged part of self and move towards healing. Follow the links below to read about each essence.

EaglehawkEppalock – Opening

RavenTurpin’s Falls – Regeneration

EaglehawkBoort – Depth

RavenDonald – Repair

EaglehawkNavarre – Understanding

RavenCreswick – Wholeness

EaglehawkWellsford – Vibrancy

RavenMt Alexander – Truth

EaglehawkMt Franklin – Transformation

RavenMt Tarrengower – Connection

EaglehawkCharlton – Resolution

Golden Square – Transcendence

I journeyed through Central Victoria, Jaara Country, to make these essences.  I was led to each place and each plant.  This journey has opened me to deeper trust and deeper connection to country.  

I am honoured to be able to offer them here for our own healing and to support the repair of the land.  I offer them with deep respect for the traditional owners of the land the Dja Dja Wurrung.