Relates to the Knee Chakras & the Level of Forward – Level 14

  • Calm and Clarity
  • Opening
  • Lightness and Depth

The Calm essence provides calm and clarity that is essential for moving into one’s still centre.  It’s green, green energy moves us into the heart space where we can find the true calm that allows an opening of the heart chakra to the light.  The subtle movement works at the edge of our conscious awareness and so is difficult to verbalise.  However, the open heart space that Calm creates allows us to step into ourselves in a way that no other plant does.  It brings recognition of our own beauty and promotes the application of this beauty in our everyday lives.  Calm combines the qualities of lightness and depth.  With its special energy we can move into our centre while maintaining a lightness of spirit.

Knee Chakras

When life circumstances have caused you to hold in or hold back from walking your path with confidence, the knee chakras will need some attention.  Balancing the knee chakras will provide the impetus necessary to propel you forward, resume your steps on the path with joy and reverence for the path, for the heart, for yourself and fellow travellers.  Live again!!

Level 14 – Forward

Level 14 once balanced is like a jolt of energy surging through our etheric body.  The calm energy of the balanced knee chakras gives a lightness to our progress even through the heaviest of emotional upsets.  With calm confidence we continue through this level and our energy moves with a sureness of self that is energising in a very contained way.  There is no need to hurry, no need to move for the sake of movement, just one step in front of the other in a steady and sure placement of self.

Sage Tincture (Rear Knee Chakra ST 35)

The permeating softness of the Sage Tincture allows us to step back and take stock of our lives.  It brings a calmness that enables us to see the path we are taking clearly and the consequences this path will bring .  This is why the Sage plant has such a huge reputation for wisdom.  It gives us the ability to see very clearly where we are going and why and can lead us to the appropriate adjustments in our lives if this path is not serving our purpose.  This plant will not support you in your superficial worldly goals but only in those goals that serve a higher purpose.  The two are not necessarily at odds but they may be.  So use this plant if you truly want to understand where you are going not if you just want the path you are on verified.  This plant will not support self-deception or obfuscation.  It insists on being honest with yourself and true to yourself.

Front Bladder 39 Yang Bend / Peacespace Mandala 69 Being Tres Bonne

Rear Stomach 35 Calf’s Nose / Peacespace Step 6 ET

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