Relates to the Elbow Chakras & the Level of Freedom – Level 19

  • Freedom from Fear
  • Stream of Life

The Carefree essence helps to set free the core of the self when expression has been stunted, stifled or suppressed.  The feeling is one of being frozen, the flow of self into the stream of life is held back.  Strangely, once this frozen feeling is released, we do not quite know what to do with our new found freedom.  The sense of being carefree is so unfamiliar that we feel empty.  No longer weighed down by our fears we don’t quite recognise the new reality as a positive.  Actually our ease of movement through life now will allow us to move to new depths of being and understanding, as fear is no longer blocking our way.  We are no longer held captive to attitudes, beliefs or any of the other fear-based limitations that have held us back in the past.  This change takes time to assimilate.  Give it time, time to settle and diffuse, time to relax into the sensation of flow.  Because this is what being carefree is – relaxing into the self.

Elbow Chakras

The elbow chakras when functioning fully have a very soft and gentle energy.  They help in the understanding of the problems of others and in allowing our own energy to flow with this understanding.  In this space we are not offended or wounded by the intolerance of others towards us, rather we can recognise the fear or hurt that underlies this intolerance and so respond positively.  When out of balance the energy of these chakras is hard and sharp.  Here we can be defensive and intolerant, putting up our guard against others and so reducing the flow of relationships, reacting rather than relating.  We cannot respond to others positively, our reactive state contributes to the fear or hurt that the other experiences and we only succeed in hardening their attitudes more.

Level 19 Freedom

Level 19 brings us the freedom to move strongly into our own sense of self.  The elements of our personality or spirit that have been hidden away or only expressed in subdued form begin to work loose from their confines and bask in the glow of light.  Freedom is now expressed in the acceptance of all aspects of our being, the joy of facing the whole self, dark and light, negative and positive.  There is no shying away from our more unlovable traits, we no longer try to escape through addictions or distractions.  We are now happy to be the entirety of our being, we are free to just be.

Horehound Tincture

The Horehound Tincture reflects the hardiness of the plant itself.  It has a huge strength, surviving in the harshest environments.  Horehound lends us this strength giving us the capacity to get through difficult times, to persevere.  When it seems as if life has become one continuous struggle Horehound gives us the strength to continue still.  It allows us to push past what seems to be our limits, to break through the confining border around us and to discover an even greater strength.  Whenever we say to ourselves “I can’t go on anymore” we have a need for Horehound.

And we find that once we have pushed past what seems to be our limit that actually we have an almost limitless strength.  If we get past the perception that we have only a finite amount of energy or love or capacity for growth, then we can open ourselves to the infinite.  For in reality the strength is not our inner strength but the amount of support we can allow ourselves to accept from the universe and this support is limitless.  Only we are limited in surrounding ourselves with fear based notions of absolutes running out.  And the truth is that they can’t.

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