Welcome to 2024

2023 was a year of workshops for Life Key Essences. The workshops started with Edible Weeds and from that grew the Making Herbal Creams, Infusions and Tinctures workshop – a deeper dive into the properties of the plants and their uses. Below are images of my messy garden, bugle and mullein.

Some people expressed an interest in learning to make Green Oil, this involved looking at 16 weeds/herbs, some of which we’d looked at in previous workshops. From these plants our Green Oil concoction grew, it is a wonderful healing oil with a broad range of applications.

I finished the year with a chakra workshop, here we looked at the seven major chakras and the Life Key Essence that relates to each one. I found this to be very healing after the stress of the last few years. It was interesting to work through the chakra issues and reflect on how our survival, tribe, expression and other areas had been impacted by the extreme restrictions that were placed on us in Victoria.

I’m currently working on a timetable for workshops in 2024 and will put out a newsletter shortly.

I hope that 2024 brings you much joy, abundance and love.