Relates to the Occipital Chakras & the Level of Individuation – Level 10

  • Clarity of vision
  • Understanding the mysteries
  • Releasing limits to power

Clarity assists us in finding the inner vision necessary for understanding our life path.  After the dross of the past has been released or cleared away the limits we impost on our power can be released from their suppressed state and brought to light.  We can now turn to the future with renewed hope and joy.

Occipital Chakras

The chakras at the occiput facilitate flow of energy up the neck.  These chakras allow us to access the amount of nervous tension in the body, which seems to get stuck here resulting in neck pain and often tension headaches.  By holding these points we can loosen the area and re-establish flow between the head and the rest of the body.

When we think too much, worrying about the path and the time involved in our progression, when it seems like there is no progression, the occipital chakras will clog up with misdirected energy.  Clearing them will enable us to proceed calmly or sit still a bit more calmly if stillness is required.

It is very relaxing to have these points held as confusion can result from the nervous tension that gets stuck here.  Holding the points before a balance leads to a clearer healing session as the client is more relaxed and less rigid.

Level 10 – Individuation

The level of individuation is where we find our distinct identity and apply that to our work and life.  Here we have to make a leap from following our teachers, mentors or friends to truly standing in our personal truth.  This is a big leap to make and we may feel for some time that we are taking two steps forward and one step back.  We may be plagued by insecurity and self doubt.  It is difficult to stand alone in ones’ truth while those around us may not understand or even disagree, but this is an important phase of spiritual development.  Here we learn to rely on our spirit and faith and at times these are all that we have.  But once we have learnt to stand in our truth calmly and strongly, we have achieved a growth that will fuel all further growth and a strength that will help us persevere into the future.

Ivy Leaf Speedwell (Rear Occipital Chakra GV27)

The Ivy Leaf Speedwell Tincture weaves it’s tendrils through the being creating lines of softness that allow the being to relax and adjust to change that has created illness.  Sometimes deep change brings us down physically as we adjust to new levels of understanding and energy flow.  Speedwell can help here, relaxing our hardened attitudes and ideas to loosen and change.  It provides a space to grow into the new self gently and tenderly holding us as we expand into a broader view of the world and all it can offer.  Speedwell on the physical is a great healer of colds and other ailments that lay us low when energy is stuck.  On the spiritual level it allows us to release stuck energy from the lung meridian old griefs and deep longings that we have ignored and denied expression.  As the tendrils of change work through our being we release these stuck points and breathe freely into the expanded self.

Front BL 10 Celestial Pillar / Peacespace Amber / Blue Energenetics

Rear GV27 Extremity of the Mouth / Peacespace 109 The Capsule of Completeness

Amber Ray – The Ray of Resolution & Resilience.  Mastering your Emotional Reactions & Responses to the Astral Realm & Being Responsible for Interacting Energetically.