Relates to the Feet Chakras & the Archetypal – Level 8

  • To bring all the levels together
  • Faith and Inner strength

Completion serves to align the first seven layers of the etheric into one.  With these seven levels cleared and aligned we are then free in the expression of ourselves and our purpose.  Completion helps us to find the inner strength needed to move forward on the path with faith.  It allows us to place our feet firmly and clearly on the path with all levels united in the focus on the path ahead.

Feet Chakras

The chakras on the soles of the feet are important for going forward in life in a confident expression of our true nature.  They are our strength, our foundation, our connection to earth.  When these chakras are blocked or unbalanced so too is our path.  For our healing to flow we need to be fully present and for our path to flow smoothly we need to be fully present in the now.

Opening/healing here affects how we walk on this earth and allows us to connect more deeply with the earth energies.  We need stability here in order to function in a coherent manner in the world.  These points tie in the longitudinal threads of the etheric and need to be strong in order for the whole to be strong.

Level 8 – Archetypal

The Archetypal level assists us to connect with the collective unconscious and utilise the imagery there for understanding where we might be stuck on our path.  Such imagery and/or beliefs operate as deep spells holding us in behaviours or thinking that we may have outgrown or that stunts our growth.  By releasing outdated archetypes and updating our imagery we can provided ourselves with powerful tools for change.

Comfrey Tincture (Rear Foot Chakra LV3)

The comfrey tincture has a very deep action that melds the inner workings of the being into a cohesive whole.  It works to unite areas of the physical that feel severed from the normal flow of energetics of the being.  Such unification allows the being to experience a more complete way of being, a sense of wholeness that they may not have experienced before.  Comfrey, also known as bone knit, provides a structural unification that gives a deep strength to the physical and carries this strength into the emotional and spiritual realms.  It unifies, strengthens and completes any process of change or transition.  It knits the disparate parts of the self into a stronger and more resilient form.  A great healer.

Front Kidney 1 Bubbling Springs / Peacespace Lime / Green Energenetics

Rear Liver 3 Great Surge / Peacespace Mandala  35 Cylinder of Centred Core

White Ray – The Ray of your Freewill, to be Willing to be Positive