Relates to the Thymus Chakras & the Level of Constancy – Level 29

  • Free flowing movement
  • Action vs reaction
  • Strength and flexibility

Flow essence taps in to ancient tree strength.  It encapsulates the wisdom expressed by the flowing movement seen in the form of the tree.  This freedom of movement is an example to us all.  Wherever we hold rigidity in our bodies is an indication that we need to examine an aspect of ourselves that is not flowing as it should.  Rigidity of mind lies underneath these blocks, and it is this rigidity that leads to behaviour that does not serve the greater good.  When we cease to flow we cease to be receptive to true guidance and instead give in to the dictates of our ego mind.  We are reacting rather than acting.  And in this state of reaction we are acting in isolation, disconnected from the light.  Moving out of reaction and back into flow, re-establishing our connection to the light, Flow provides us with the strength to be flexible.

Thymus Chakra

The thymus chakra is perhaps the position in the body where we can become the most stuck.  The rigidity that is sometimes held here through over-striving and worry results in a level of immobility through the whole system.  This immobility can lead to illness due to low immune function and great tiredness.  Trying too hard to achieve stems from fear, fear of failure, fear of attack, fear of success – it is actually a form of sabotage.  Over focus moves you further from the goal as it allows no flow.  This chakra needs to relax and loosen up.  It needs to run freely and flow freely it needs to accept that success is guaranteed (but perhaps not the success you were hoping for).

Level 29 Constancy

The Level of Constancy is where we find our momentum.  The hiccups along the path have been dealt with again and again and now we can maintain a level head when confronted with difficulties.  No longer are we brought down by disappointments or disasters.  We can find our centre at all times, regardless of our mood or environment.  We remain constant in our activities even though we may be emotional and upset.  We carry on with all necessary tasks acknowledging that nurturing ourselves with time out and healing may be the most necessary task in the moment.

Wormwood Tincture (Rear Thymus Chakra GV 13 Kiln Path)

The Wormwood Tincture is like a breath of fresh air washing away annoyances and irritability.  It acts like a clean sweep through our emotional body, clearing away negativity and nagging doubts.  Wormwood brings back a sense of liveliness.  It brings us back to earth ready for action and no longer held back by our negativity and doubt we can leap into life again.  The sticky energy of trivial tasks and tediousness is freed from our energy field and our enthusiasm returns.  We feel like working again with an energy that has been absent for some time.  Our drive is back and spurs us on to greater achievement and understanding of our work and life.  Wormwood energises our whole being allowing us to feel excitement about our lives that seems to have been absent for some time.  It is at once a release of stuck energy and a return to an earlier less burdened self.  Wormwood releases the build up of energetic clutter and we feel like a younger version of ourselves without losing the hard won knowledge that we have gained along the journey.  It revitalises and nourishes our spirit.

Front Central Vessel 20 Florid Canopy / Peacespace Mandala 4 The Linking of Light

Rear Governing Vessel 13 Kiln Path / Peacespace Mandala 83 The Central Core

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