Relates to the Hip Chakras & the Level of Momentum – Level 12

  • Fertility and Form
  • Comfort

The Growth essence resonates with the warm vibrancy of fertility.  It fosters new growth, new life and new ways of being.  Growth gives the ability to germinate new projects and the attributes necessary to bring them through to form.  It is useful when we know we have work to do, but may be unclear on the steps involved or even what the project is.  The warmth of this essence nurtures these projects, enfolding burgeoning ideas in a comforting way, so we can move into the new without stress or fear.

The Hip Chakras

These points often have a very heavy feeling to them and can require quite a bit of work to clear.  If we think of how many people have hip problems we can understand how prone the hips are to collecting old stagnant energy.  From a spiritual perspective we are dealing with issues similar to those in the ankles – an inability to move forward on the path in accordance with our true nature.

Level 12 – Momentum

Level 12 propels us forward into our work.  At this level we progress our work and can begin to see results from all that has gone before.  Our perseverance is beginning to result in expansion and growth through all areas of our life.  Friendships grow and deepen and we feel more connected to our spiritual tribe.  Life gains momentum!

Front Gall Bladder 30 Jumping Round / Peacespace Red Magenta Energenetics

No rear point at this time

Russet Ray – The Ray of your Psychological Levels that Rejuvenates your Soul’s Life within Matter & of your Faith & Patience in Pursuing the Path of your Higher Purpose & Potential in your Physical Existence