Major Chakra Essences


Relates to the Base Chakra & the Physical/Etheric – Level 1

  • To overcome self doubt
  • Wholeness leading to achievement
  • Grounding

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Relates to the Sacral Chakra & the Emotional Body – Level 2

  • Relation to self
  • Expression of self in the world
  • Strengthening the inner allowing expression in the outer

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Relates to the Solar Plexus Chakra & the Mental Body – Level 3

  • Clears communication with other dimensions
  • Clarity of vision
  • Trust and faith

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Relates to the Heart Chakra & the Love/Intuitional – Level 4

  • Strengthening in relation to others
  • Honesty with self and others
  • Wholeness

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Relates to the Throat Chakra & the Divine Will – Level 5

  • Awakens spirit
  • Aligns with destiny
  • Strengthens spiritually, mentally and bodily

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Relates to the Brow Chakra & the Divine Love/Monadic – Level 6

  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • In touch with purpose
  • Resolute

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Relates to the Crown Chakra & the Divine Mind – Level 7

  • Relieves anxiety about change
  • Opens to new opportunities
  • Accesses the essential core

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