Relates to the Crown Chakra & the Divine Mind – Level 7

  • Relieves anxiety about change
  • Opens to new opportunities
  • Accesses the essential core

When experiencing sudden change in our lives, Essence helps us to open to new opportunities and possibilities.  The gentle shifting of old emotional blocks enables movement into the positive; from abandonment to an awareness of the collective unconscious; from the depths of despair to the successful expression of our creative selves.

Crown Chakra

The thousand petalled chakra represents our connection to source and our ability to stay and work in the light.  The clearer the energy in this chakra the easier our flow and path.  Here we experience direct knowing and the integration of our personality with spirit.  It is here that we commune with guidance and find spiritual direction for our purpose.  It provides sustenance for our spirit.  It is violet in colour.  There is no element associated with the crown chakra.

Level 7 Divine Mind

The seventh level of the energy body stretches out around us to provide a protective golden egg.  This level allows us to feel a deep connection, to know a deep connection to the universe and divine law.  A strong and healthy seventh level will provide the ability to feel safe within the universe and in our connections with others on a higher level.  We would have a strong sense of self and the ability to acknowledge ourselves as beings becoming and perceive our place in the greater pattern of the universe.  If this level is weak, the sense of place in the broader world would be weak and creative power limited.  If overly strong it may be difficult to bring practicality to our creative endeavours.  We need balance at all levels to function optimally.  Let’s hope we get there soon!

Nectarine Leaf Tincture (Rear of Crown Chakra GV 1)

My message is one of strength – the strength of a unified auric field. I act as a container for your mind, body and spirit as great change occurs. I hold you safely within an auric egg that shields and protects you as the world evolves and you prepare to meet it. Your personal inner transformation needs this strong shield in order to foster your own transition to the new. It will allow you to grow at your own pace, while the chaos of the outer world is kept at a small distance. It will enable you to remain true to yourself through turbulence and attack as you give birth to the new you for the new era.

GV 20 Hundred Meetings/ Peacespace Mandala # 106 Becoming Beyond

GV 1 Long Strong/ Peacespace mandala # 86 Romance in the Ruins

Violet Ray – The Ray of the Pathway to Ethereal Realms, Bringing the Validity & Vigour of Source into your Physical Life