Relates to the Brow Chakra & the Divine Love/Monadic – Level 6

  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • In touch with purpose
  • Resolute

Home puts you in touch with your soul home, your spiritual home.  Gaining understanding of your life task and a feeling of wholeness through connection to your spiritual home, true healing is possible as all levels align to your higher purpose.  This brings a sense of calm and we are then able to quietly pursue all our activities with ease and dedication.

Brow Chakra

The brow chakra is where we connect with the monad our spiritual home.  Here we gain deeper insight to others and their place in the plan.  If we trust what we sense through the brow chakra then we can create a life that is truly in tune with the wider world.  It is indigo in colour and has 2 lotus petals.  The brow chakra relates to the light element.

Level 6 Divine Love

At Level 6 we experience connection to our spiritual home.  Here we commune in brotherhood with all the beings of the spiritual worlds, humanity, plants and animals.  This is the spiritual feeling level.  A balanced sixth level would be felt in the silence of meditation or other activities that still the mind.  An unbalanced sixth level would result in a lack of spiritual connection or at the other extreme an over reliance on the spiritual world to take care of your physical needs.

Peace Essence Back of Neck Chakra & Rear of Brow Chakra & the Level of Seal – Level 32

  • Clears & Protects
  • Builds a Stronger Foundation
  • Maintains Clarity

This protection essence has been created to clear, protect and inspire.  Its deep action will clear negativity, heaviness, and the emotional effects of trauma from the body and spirit. It strengthens at the soul level to provide a stronger foundation, building greater resistance to any negativity in the environment (geopathic or astral).  It helps the user maintain a greater level of clarity leading to a more balanced way of being.  From this balanced state life becomes easier and one’s purpose can be pursued with greater ease.  The state of clarity it engenders allows greater flow so life is more enjoyable and rewarding.

Front     GV 24.5 Seal Hall / Peacespace Mandala # 88 Dragon Dusk

Rear       GV 14 Great Hammer / (Peace Essence) / Peacespace Mandala # 115 To Find a Length of Strength

Indigo Ray – The Ray of the Abstract Mind, the Perceptional State of Deeper Understanding & Resolution Towards Spiritual Involvement & Evolvement