Relates to the Solar Plexus Chakra & the Mental Body – Level 3

  • Clears communication with other dimensions
  • Clarity of vision
  • Trust and faith

The shadow self can generate fear and distort our emotions and sense of self.  Mystery helps us to move through these distortions to our underlying knowledge and emotional clarity.  By reconnecting with our own gentleness we can attune to other dimensions with greater clarity.  Mystery fosters this gentleness, encouraging communication with other dimensions, clearer vision, and promotes understanding of the deeper aspects of being.  It helps us to trust our inner vision.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra holds our personal power.  Blocks here may result in digestive problems, a physical result of not being able to digest or assimilate power in our lives.  But power itself is different to what we were taught – power is the ability to take responsibility for the self.  It allows us to change ourselves and our self-defeating behaviours into a more positive disciplined self leading to an enthusiastic expression of will.  It relates to the mental level of the etheric body where we can get bogged down in circular or negative thinking, beating ourselves up and failing to grasp the power that we have.  Developing self -esteem is probably the most powerful act we can undertake as this can fuel our purpose and add fire to our efforts, pushing them upward to spirit and the higher chakras.   The solar plexus chakra is yellow in colour and is represented by 10 lotus petals.  It corresponds to the fire element.

Level 3 – Mental Body

Level 3 relates to the mental or rational world.  A strong level three is reflected in a clear and adaptable mind.  Weakness/deficiency on this level is reflected in a lack of mental clarity and inability to resolve problems adequately.

Grapefruit Tincture (GV8 Rear Solar Plexus Chakra)

The Grapefruit Tincture has a gentle grace that permeates the whole being once taken.  It offers us a lightness of spirit and a simpler enjoyment of life than we are generally used.  Grapefruit eases the daily grind and allows us to let go of goal oriented living.  It lets us express our creative side without the need to meet goals or the standards of other people.  Here we create just for the pure enjoyment of creating something beautiful or expressing our deeper nature.  We create without constriction, freely expressing our own unique vision in any way we like.  If others don’t like our creation so be it, we don’t mind, we’re not offended or ashamed.  We enjoy our creation and that’s what matters.  Our own enjoyment of our creative self.

Front     CV 12 (ST alarm point)/ Peacespace Mandala # 2/22/222

Rear       GV6 Spinal Centre/ Peacespace Mandala #119 Embracing the Bannister

                GV8 Sinew Contraction/ Peacespace Mandala # 103 The Turtle’s Tripod

Yellow Ray – The Ray of the Mental Plane, the Logical Mind & Mindfulness.  The Staircase to your Spiritual Sanctuary.