Relates to the Heart Chakra & the Love/Intuitional – Level 4

  • Strengthening in relation to others
  • Honesty with self and others
  • Wholeness

Other relates to level four – the level where the physical and the spiritual meet.  Through the merging of our dual aspects we are free to relate to others.  Whole within ourselves we can interact as complete beings rather than separated beings needing love from outside.  We can nurture the inner child allowing us to mature.  Here we become one with the God-I-am.

Heart Chakra

This chakra is about our relations with others; our capacity to love and be loved and to express love in the wider world.  It is the middle chakra, located in our centre, uniting spirit above with matter below through the power of love.  Here dwell our innermost dreams.  An imbalance in this chakra will lead to thoughts of being unlovable or not worthy of love.  A healthy heart chakra will enable us to love unconditionally.  It is also the point where we construct the Rainbow Bridge and attain transcendence over the the body, mind, spirit split and become a whole being expressing self without tripping ourselves up constantly.  It is green in colour and is represented by 12 lotus petals.  The heart chakra relates to the air element.

Level 4 Love/Intuitional

Level 4 is the level of love and relates to our ability to relate to others, including people, animals, plants and the whole world.  A fourth level that is out of balance will result in difficulty in relating to others, feeling overwhelmed, or just not having many intimate relationships.  A strong fourth level will result in good, strong relationships with others.  Your friends and family will be important and you will enjoy being around others.  Level 4 is also the bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds.

Lemon Tincture (Rear Heart Chakra GV 11)

The cleansing energy of the lemon tincture brings a lift to the spirits and a spring to the step.  Lemon is like a spring clean for the heart, shifting old tired energy and ways of being and creating space for new life and energy.  It’s zesty energy will bring back enthusiasm and propel the being forward into a greater vision of what life may bring.  When spirits are flagging and the road seems long lemon will provide the impetus needed to complete tasks and pursue our dream with vigour.  It is like a burst of clear light ingniting the soul fire once again.

Front     CV 17 Chest Centre / Peacespace Mandala # 1 The Mental Monument

Rear       GV 11 Spirit Path/ Mandala # 116 Inter-Receptors

Green Ray – The Ray of the Initiation of the Intuitive in Now Time