Relates to the Sacral Chakra & the Emotional Body – Level 2

  • Relation to self
  • Expression of self in the world
  • Strengthening the inner allowing expression in the outer

Self encourages a sense of inner knowing, of contact with your own emotions.  It is only through self-understanding that we can then project outward to others and understand them also.  A stronger sense of self, a greater self knowing allows us to bring this self into expression in the world.  This in turn leads to a more creative expression of self.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra represents our creativity in both a reproductive sense and in creativity of purpose.  It holds our sexual drives and our connection to self.  It relates to the emotional level of the etheric body, how we feel about ourselves in relation to others.  It is at the level of the sacral chakra that we move into duality, yin and yang.  We become aware of difference and try to find unity again, through sexual union or creativity.  Here we connect to pleasure and sensation, and nurture self and others.  If there is an imbalance in this chakra we will have difficulty bringing ideas to fruition and expressing our true selves in the world.  In this chakra we learn to flow, to surrender.  The sacral chakra is represented by 6 lotus petals and is orange in colour.  It corresponds to the water element.

Level 2 Emotional Body

The second level of the energy field relates to our feelings or emotions about ourselves.  A strong and healthy emotional body will allow feelings to flow, you will experience a solid and positive sense of self and enjoy being in your own company.  When feelings become stuck this level will be out of balance, self esteem will be lower and we will not experience the healthy flow of emotions.

Calendula Flower Tincture (Rear of Sacral Chakra)

This bright sunny flower carries a great sense of joy.  It sweeps away the blues and turns our thinking outward, moving us out of self-absorption.  It allows us to see the world in a happier light, sweeping away cobwebs in the corners of our psyche so that light can penetrate even the most hidden spaces.

The Calendula Flower Tincture brings a sense of expansion, almost like a sigh of relief to the spirit, lifting dark clouds and loosening heavy bonds.  It allows us to view our lives with a lighter vision, seeing the good and joyful parts rather than the bleak and battling aspects.  Through taking this tincture we can learn not to dwell on the struggles that seem to weigh us down, we can see the glass as half full and develop a more optimistic outlook on our lives.  It reminds us that focusing on our failures or worrying about the future does nothing to help us, instead its happy nature allows us to shed these old ways and open up to the new, create a new vision of life for ourselves so that we can then move on to make this new vision a reality.

Front     CV4 Gate of the Source /Peacespace all Genetic Symbols

                CV5 Stone Gate/ Peacespace 9,99,999

                CV6 Sea of Qi/ Peacespace 8,88,888

Rear       GV 4 Gate of Destiny/ Mandala # 102 The Pod of Purpose

Orange Ray – The Ray of Emotional Mastery, the Personal Commitment & Presence of Mind to be the Spiritual Apprentice