Relates to the Throat Chakra & the Divine Will – Level 5

  • Awakens spirit
  • Aligns with destiny
  • Strengthens spiritually, mentally and bodily

For those who have lost contact with their spirit through prolonged adverse circumstances or negative influences.  Spirit gently reawakens the spiritual connection, healing the wounds inflicted by extended periods of difficulty and encouraging the opening of your will and intention to become all you are able to be.

Throat Chakra

This chakra is where we learn to express ourselves and our creativity to the wider world.  We gain our voice in this chakra and it can be heard through all the universe when we achieve our right note.  Here we can express our will in alignment with Universal will when this chakra is balanced.  It is blue and has 16 lotus petals.  The throat Chakra relates to the element of ether.

Level 5 Divine Will

The Level of Divine Will contains the unfolding evolutionary pattern of life that manifests into form.  If this level is in balance wewill be synchronistically aligned with place and purpose.  When strong we will be organized and on time, performing all tasks well.  When out of balance there will be a disconnection between place and purpose and perhaps we will be surrounded by a lack of order.  It is at this level that we become co-creator of our world.

Bitter Lettuce Tincture Rear Throat Chakra GV 12

The Bitter Lettuce tincture works on a very deep level.  It allows a deep relaxation of tightly held thought forms that create pockets of hardness in the physical.  These thought forms relate to attitudes we believe we need to cling to in order to be ourselves or to hold to some ideal.  While once they may have been relevant, they are relevant no longer and serve only to hold the person in a cycle of repetitious thinking.  This is not the type of repetitious thinking that is a single thought going around and around, rather it is the thought that emerges in times of stress.

When stressed we fall back on patterns of thinking that are difficult to release.  We may relive the past – all our failures or indiscretions – over and over again.  We may look at our lives now and see ourselves living lives that we see as useless or without meaning.  Whatever form the repetitive thoughts take, we feel unable to break free of them and spin in circles of negative thinking that serves no purpose.

Bitter Lettuce breaks this cycle.  By providing its deep relaxation we can relax our thought processes and begin to emerge from the stress induced repetition.  In this way it promotes change at a very deep level because it allows us to change deeply ingrained patterns of behaviour that hold us back and stop us from growing beyond negative thinking into a more complete picture of the world and our place in it.

Front     CV 22 Celestial Chimney / Peacespace Mandala # 78

                ST 9 Man’s Prognosis / Peacespace Mandala # 70 The Essential Ascent

Rear       GV 12 Body Pillar / Peacespace Mandala # 104 Facets & Filigree

Blue Ray – The Ray of your Social Cause that Believes to Be, Begets, Begins Again, Brings to Bear, Brings Forth, Brings to Pass, in order to Be Better