Relates to the Base Chakra & the Physical/Etheric – Level 1

  • To overcome self doubt
  • Wholeness leading to achievement
  • Grounding

Unity allows one to contact distant memories, bringing understanding that can be applied to the present.  Through understanding the past we can make the most of where we are now.  Accessing knowledge of one’s inner resources can enable one to overcome self-doubt and fear and move into achievement.  Unity, a sense of being whole, of being at one with oneself.

Base Chakra

The base chakra is where we hold our connection to tribe or family and issues relating to survival in the world, our right and will to live.  Here we establish a grounded connection to the earth where we can build a stable base to support ourselves and our endeavours.  The base chakra channels energy from the earth to the higher chakras and helps to ground our spiritual energy.  Without a balanced base chakra our connection to spirit will be compromised and we may experience difficulty in bringing our dreams to manifestation.   It is in the base chakra that we connect deeply to purpose and find the capacity to bring that purpose through to the physical.  Unity comes when spirit is firmly grounded in the earth that supports us, then our spirit can inform the material world around us and all the levels of our being are given equal recognition.  The body is a vehicle that works hard and needs to be respected.  The physical supports our spiritual endeavours and, when treated, with respect it can provide the focus we need to achieve all that we desire.  It resonates to the colour red and is represented by 4 lotus petals.  The base or root chakra corresponds to the earth element.

Level 1 Physical/Etheric

The first level of the energy body, the physical relates to physical sensation, tasting, smelling, listening, seeing.  A strong first level will result in a healthy body with a healthy enjoyment of physical sensation.  A weak first level will result in a disconnection from the pleasures of the physical life.

Bugle Tincture (Rear of Base Chakra GV 1)

The Bugle Tincture has a density to it that helps to bring everything together.  All disparate lines of energy are brought into line and balanced allowing all aspects of the being to thread together into a cohesive whole.  The blue/violet flowers offer rosettes of layered intent, gathering energy and dispersing it wisely.  Stay flexible and take the time to ground and regroup, your energy should be used evenly and smoothly.

Front     CV1 Yin Meeting (luo point to GV 1) Mother of Pearl/ Compass

Rear       GV1 Long Strong Peacespace Mandala # 86 Romance in The Ruins

Rear       GV 20 Crown Chakra is a Rear Base Chakra Point Peacespace Mandala # 106 Becoming Beyond

Red Ray – The Ray of the Peaceful Warrior who Consciously Creates Awareness in Reality