Relates to the TMJ Chakras & the Level of Fortitude – Level 13

  • Awakens memories from the past
  • Past knowledge that is needed in the world now
  • Releases negative emotions/experiences that persist

Sometimes negative emotions from the past persist and we are unsuccessful in our attempts to shift them.  We find the same issues coming up repeatedly, the layers covering them seemingly endless.  Memory gently shifts these old blocks giving us a new level of understanding of the past and allowing us to see the past with new eyes.  By opening the closed off parts of ourselves we can move forward with greater depth of feeling and hope.  Opening these doorways also reawakens memories from the distant past, allowing us to bring old knowledge into new forms so it can be used in the present.

TMJ Chakras

These chakras are holding points for information.  Just as we use the jaw to hold information when doing kinesiology, so issues can tend to lodge in the jaw.  When we release the holding aspect of the chakras and allow flow instead then we can free up this area so that they become flow points rather than holding points.  Once flow is introduced, freedom of movement and expression occur more readily.  This expands our horizons, we move into new areas of expression and of knowledge.  Tired old patterns of expression are released and in the space this release creates we can flow into the new.  The same old song will no longer play over and over again.  Change will create new songs so that we don’t stagnate with old messages and learnings.

Level 13 – Fortitude

At level 13 we are again tested, this time with issues from the past.  We need to remember, review and resolve these issues in order to gain fortitude, literally “a strength and firmness of mind”, the strength to continue.  This resolution of the past will allow the movement forward to begin again, this time with greater depth and integration of experience.  Our mind has strengthened and can now cope with unseen forces and the unknown without losing faith or focus.  Having resolved our own hidden elements we can face the hidden in the external world.  And the knowledge gained in this exploration can inform our future, with mental strength we look ahead and move on.

Front Stomach 7 Below the Joint, Lower Barrier / Peacespace Step 19 Etheric Transfusion

No rear point at this time

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