Relates to the Front of Thigh Chakras & the Level of Change – Level 15

  • Awareness
  • Light and movement

Movement brings the gift of awareness, awareness of our current situation.  It shows us the way to extract the positive from the now and to take it with us into the movement forward.  It assists in purging our old attitudes and ways of being that may hinder our future direction.  Movement essence cleanses, purifies and brings light into the hidden nooks and crannies of our being.  This leads to revitalisation of the whole body and frees the way for us to grow into the new.

Front of Thighs

These chakras hold large amounts of stuck energy.  Here we hold ourselves back due to patterns from the past that we have outgrown.  These patterns however have served us well in the past in terms of survival, so there is fear involved in releasing these old ways of being.  The energy here is often heavy as our inability to shift from learned behaviours weighs us down and stifles our forward momentum.

Level 15 – Change

At Level 15 we shift old entrenched patterns that have long outlived their usefulness.  These stuck points have kept us on a particular path for possibly many lifetimes and there is not just a reluctance, but an inability to break free of the hold these patterns have gained on our psyche.  We just can’t put our finger on why a behaviour doesn’t shift, we can see the behaviour, understand the behaviour, but still we continue with the behaviour. We can go on retreat, try various healings, beat ourselves up and still it is there.  How frustrating! But with level 15 cleared and aligned finally some shift is felt.  We really can begin to change and it feels good.

Couch Tincture

Couch Tincture is a great purger of stuck ways.  Fear that is stuck in hardened forms in the kidneys is loosened and shifted by this great healer.  It’s annoying habit of invading our gardens makes us treat this powerful plant with disdain and stands as a reminder to never disregard or downplay the role of any plant.  On the spiritual level it helps us to grow into new forms as we loosen the old blocks that hold back our growth.  The blocks that it helps us to shift are deep blocks that we are barely aware of, old energies from the past that are now so much a part of our being that we no longer see them.  Couch brings such blocks to our awareness and through awareness helps to dissolve them.  It frees our path to the future – a new future.

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