Relates to the Back of Neck Chakra & the Level of Seal – Level 32

  • Clears & Protects
  • Builds a Stronger Foundation
  • Maintains Clarity

This protection essence has been created to clear, protect and inspire.  Its deep action will clear negativity, heaviness, and the emotional effects of trauma from the body and spirit. It strengthens at the soul level to provide a stronger foundation, building greater resistance to any negativity in the environment (geopathic or astral).  It helps the user maintain a greater level of clarity leading to a more balanced way of being.  From this balanced state life becomes easier and one’s purpose can be pursued with greater ease.  The state of clarity it engenders allows greater flow so life is more enjoyable and rewarding.

The Lock-in Point or Seal Chakra

This point provides a point of access to the soul.  It must be balanced at the end of a session in order to lock-in the benefits of the work done, particularly if these issues are old and repetitive.  This point will help the being process the session and prevent sabotage.  It will also bring greater relaxation at the end of the session allowing the work to be peacefully integrated.

Level 32 Seal

Level 32 is the seal to our soul.  This point needs to be protected and cleared in order to maintain our stability and ability to function on the earth plane.  As the point of entry and exit for the soul this is a significant level to work on and at this level it assists us to stay clear and present when working in the New World energy.  Flexibility is needed at this point which can be very stiff.  We need to keep it mobile and malleable.  It needs to be able to adapt to the ever shifting sands of the new.  In the New energy we leave behind old certainties and move to a new level of growth.  This new level is lighter and more intangible.  It shifts and changes it does not stay still.  It is harder to find a secure footing here in fact we shouldn’t even try. We need to learn to live with material insecurity with a lightness of spirit.  So keep the soul safe as it will anchor you in this gossamer world.

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