Relates to the SacrumChakras & the Level of Present – Level 22

  • Embodied
  • Flexibility
  • Delight

The cheery Pleasure essence brings light to the being who has lost contact with the physical.  While the being may be physically active and get plenty of exercise they are actually out of touch with their body – they inhabit it but they don’t acknowledge it.  The physical is largely taken for granted and not enjoyed.  Physical pleasure will be minimal.  The body is overlooked as most of the attention is given to the mental and spiritual.  Pleasure returns the being to a sense of joy in the physical, allowing the being to truly dwell in their body rather than just exist in it.  New respect is given to the body’s needs and gratitude for the way it supports the being in their busy life.  As the physical dimension is regained, weight will diminish and flexibility will return.  Delight will be found in the physical once again.


Our creativity, both physical and spiritual rests in this area of the body.  Blocks here are frequent due to perceived inability to follow through with our creative ideas.  Sometimes we know the tasks we need to do to fulfill this aspect of ourselves but are unable to make any move to bring any kind of change.  We need then to go deeply within to parts of ourselves that we don’t often visit.  These parts are often frightening, seemingly dark or even absent.  We need to relax into the fear and not try too hard to see through the dark, rather be at peace with it knowing that illumination will come.  One small movement in the direction of creativity can help to get the flow moving again.  Big projects can seem overwhelming and unachievable, we need to take small steps that can be easily achieved and as we begin to flow again the bigger picture will become much clearer.

Level 22 Present

Level 22 is the level of the present moment.  At this level we are learning to be completely present, not returning to the past or jumping forward to the future.  If we can hold the present space then life becomes much more relaxed and enjoyable.  Being present we can leave behind the what if’s and when’s of worry.  Our focus can be honed to the most important task in the moment.  It can be entirely on the person we are with, the writing we are doing or the walk we are taking.  In this space we notice more and the synchronicities of life are acknowledged.  Here lies joy.  It is in the moment.

Orange Tincture

This beautiful tincture creates a space in which to expand our sense of self.  With the energy it brings we can begin to grow into a bigger version of our creative self, one that expresses more honestly and more deeply.  Orange draws out our deeper expression and allows it to emerge gently into the world.  Here we can stand in our truth without effort or expectation, we can accept our vision and begin to live it.  When feeling like our creative efforts are too insignificant or irrelevant orange reminds us that to create is to feed the soul, to express is to enter the stream of the collective unconscious and join with others in a different way to our day to day connections.  Orange takes us to the level of transcendence and gives us the means to propel ourselves forward on our creative journey.

Front Bladder 54 Sequential Limit / Peacespace Mandala 97 Germinating of the Genes

Rear Spleen 13 Bowel Abode / Peacespace Mandala 134 Grappling with a Torn World

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