Relates to the Wrist Chakras & the Level of Manifestation – Level 9

  • Determination and Direction
  • Focus

The Purpose essence brings a sense of determination to any project.  It helps to define our direction and gets us there through strong focus.  Use this essence when there is a tendency to wander from the path, to be distracted from your goal.  Purpose will gently return your focus and determination, allowing tasks to be completed.

Wrist Chakras

These chakras relate to the heart energy and energy blocked here will affect the flow of healing energy through the hands.  The issue here though is maintaining focus and determination in the expression of our purpose.  Sometimes we lose connection to purpose or are just unable to stay focused on the task at hand – we move from task to task completing nothing and creating confusion.

When you feel scattered and disconnected from purpose look to the wrists and see if they are painful or blocked in terms of energy flow.  Correcting this imbalance will return us once again to an ordered application of our energy.  We will emerge from a confused state allowing tasks to be completed and focus to be restored.

Level 9 – Manifestation

The level of manifestation is where we can grow in accordance with our life plan.  When we fail to manifest there is one of two things occurring:  either we have to grow more in order to achieve our goal or we are pursuing a path that is not really our true purpose.  It is difficult to know which is which sometimes, but we will be given signs and nudges that will point us in the direction we need to go.  Balance in the wrist chakras and the level of manifestation will allow us to fulfil our purpose and achieve the goals of this lifetime.

Cleavers Tincture (Rear Wrist Chakra PC6 Inner Door)

The Cleavers Tincture offers us a wonderful healing balm.  It helps to rejuvenate and restructure the flow of spirit through the meridians and get all aspects of the being in motion.  It clings to blocks in the flow and impels them along the meridian lines cleansing and healing in the process.  This motion can then create a great space for change – with energy lines cleared the being can feel energised and allow new movement and ideas to flow through the once sluggish channels.

This tincture can be used in the creation of creams that can be applied to stagnant parts of the body to encourage the flow to return.  It is great added to a glass of water to cleanse the system on rising in the morning.  It is particularly good for longer term work, moving energies that have become overloaded with toxins and toxic thoughts.  As it restructures spiritual flow it encourages the spiritual self to new efforts and new horizons.  It clears the way for action.

Front TH 5 Outer Gate / Peacespace Turquoise Orange Energenetics

Rear Per 6 Inner Door  Luo Point / Peacespace Mandala 20 The Open Space of Opportunity

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