Relates to the Hand Chakras & the Level of Calling – Level 11

  • Clears negative energy
  • Participation in life
  • Unites with deepest longing

Redemption is needed when life has pushed us too hard and we seem to have lost our way.  Our sense of self has been diminished and we no longer have the strength to continue.  Redemption opens us up again to participate in life and to involve ourselves in the lives of others.  It is the rescuer that helps us through our darkest hours.  It unites us with our deepest longing, our calling, bringing this into manifestation.

Hand Chakras

The chakras in the palms of the hands have a strong link with the heart chakra.  Energy from the heart flows down the arms and out of the hand chakras.  These chakras open fully and function properly when the heart energy flows freely.  They are the chakras used for healing energy to flow.

Blocks here are associated with a lack of ease of expression in the world.

Level 11 – Calling

The level of our calling is the place where we learn to jump right into the unknown and pursue our work with greater vigour.  We have moved through a lot of self doubt and tests of faith and now is the time to knuckle down and get to work.  There is much to do in order to find our way in the broader world and bring our work and purpose out into the light of day.  Here we learn to cope with visibility, with sharing our purpose with the wider community.  We have to put ourselves forward in ways that may be uncomfortable, but with the skills learnt along the way we find ourselves able to do this despite the discomfort.  Where once we would have held back and hidden our light now we can let its glow gently light up ourselves and the path ahead.

Calendula Leaf Tincture( Rear Hand Chakra PC 8)

The Calendula Leaf has different properties from the flower.  It offers us an opening into the world of plants, bringing us a connection to the plants so that we can understand what they have to offer us.  Calendula leaves are great healers offering their energy to attract pests and bugs away from other plants and to strengthen the energy of a garden.

This plant offers us a great gift in terms of understanding the workings of the plants in a healing context.  It can teach us much and open lines of communication with the plant world that would otherwise remain closed.  In the process it can heal our blocks to communication with other beings and in the world in general.  It can help us to communicate openly with all.

Front Heart 8 Bubbling Spring Lesser Mansion / Peacespace Mandala 129 Face of the Following

Rear Pericardium 8 Palace of Toil / Peacespace Turquoise Yellow Energenetics

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