Relates to the Nose Chakra & the Level of Path– Level 23

  • Higher Vision
  • Breath of the Self
  • Alone

Refresh essence demands the attention of the being to be focussed on a higher vision.  The being in need of this essence will have become hampered by the demands of those around them and entangled in their needs and emotions.  Refresh disentangles the being from the energy of others and allows the being to breathe freely in their own space without always having to take account /care of others around them.  This momentary freedom from the needs of others allows the being to recover their identity, reconnect with their sense of self and take a refreshing breath of the energy of the self.  They are free to be alone to review their vision of their life and direction and make any changes that are needed.  They are free to breathe.

Nose Chakra

The nasal chakra helps to acclimatise a being to change, both large and small in their daily life.  It assists the being to continue forward on their path with a sense of confidence in regard to their life choices.  It helps with small everyday decisions and with staying true to the self on life’s journey.

Level 23 Path

The Level of the Path takes us to a new level of journeying.  This level leads us forward into a new world of service.  It is here that we truly find our feet in our life’s work.  It is here that we begin to place our feet in an ever firmer footing on the path, affirming faith with forward motion.  When we feel that our work has lost its interest, we need to work at Level 23.  When we feel that our direction has become cloudy we need to work here.  And when we feel that our path has lost purpose again it is here we need to turn.  Fine tuning this level opens the headspace and clears congestion of thought and channel.  It allows the breath of the divine to flow again.

Olive Tincture (Rear Nose Chakra GV 17 Brain’s Door)

The Olive Tincture offers all the strength and wisdom of this ancient tree.  It gives us backbone and cleanses out all the impurities that have invaded our being.  It cleanses our thought processes in particular paring them back to the essentials, so that we are left with our basic self without adornment.  It is a very honest plant.  It does not present a showy face, it sustains and is and presents this simple, strong wise self to the world and this is like a balm FOR THOSE WHO ARE TIRED OF THE DECEPTIONS OF THE MATERIAL WORLD.  It enables us the see this material world very clearly to see the minor daily deceptions that we all make and to pierce through them to our true core.  This gives the plant an incredible ability to sweep away the inessentials of life and to pare everything down to bare bones.  Here we can see what is truly important and form this point begin the process of ridding ourselves of all the things we don’t need.  And these things are many.  In this world we are all acquiring more and more things – whether these things are objects or ideas.  We become attached to these belongings and rely on them to define us.  This is inappropriate and olive will help us to sort out the essentials from the fripperies.  This frees us to focus clearly on things rather than being distracted by an accumulation of inessentials that obscure our way.

Front Governing Vessel 25 White Bone Hole / Peacespace Mandala 108 The Tower of Power

Rear Governing Vessel 17 Brain’s Door / Peacespace Mandala 82 Knotted Thoughts

Scarlet Ray – The Ray of Channel & Angelic Realms, Commitment, Mastery of the Mother-Death Pattern