Relates to the Shoulder Chakras & the Level of Integrity– Level 28

  • Integration
  • Calm and Wellbeing

Relax essence calms the central nervous system allowing healing to be integrated through the whole body.  When the CNS is out of balance healing may get stuck in some pockets and not be fully completed.  This essence can complement any healing, but especially those associated with the head and spine.  As the healing progresses, calm will return to the being and a new level of wellbeing will be established.  Take Relax essence when a healing has brought great change and different aspects of the being are lagging behind.  The essence will help the changes be fully integrated.

Shoulder Chakras

As the hearts’ energy travels along the arms, the shoulder chakras are the first stop along the way.  These chakras can hold a lot of pain as they are points we tense up in times of stress, grief and fear. The free flowing shoulder chakras reflect an ability to face stress and fears with an open heart, flowing through challenges.  Here we can shoulder burdens with ease knowing that there is help available and that burdens can be shared.  Healers in particular need to clear the flow of the heart energy so that it flows clearly and strongly down the arms and out the hands.

Level 28 Integrity

The point of Integrity helps us to unify previous disparate parts of the self into a more coherent whole.  Here we release stuck points in our purpose and once released can achieve goals in a more contained way, straying less from our goal and not giving into distractions.  No longer brought undone by self doubt and other self negating thinking we can achieve more calmly with less scattering of our energy to wasteful behaviours.  We now act as a whole being united in body, mind and spirit, for the purpose of our spiritual growth.

Southernwood Tincture (Rear Shoulder Chakras SP 20 All Round Flourishing)

Southernwood Tincture offers us a deep honesty about our self understanding.  It helps us to know ourselves at a much deeper level, without attempts to avoid or escape from this deep self.  Here we can face our shadow and step into a more real acceptance of our nature.  We do not try to explain away our more unacceptable self here, we step into it, accept it and know it.  This knowledge frees us from the grip of the shadow self.  Our ability to face the self that we don’t like enables us to expand the self to a more giving, loving and compassionate version of ourselves.  Nothing phases us now, we have faced our own demons and realised that they are little more than our fears.

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