Relates to the Liver Chakra & the Level of Transformation – Level 21

  • Enjoyment of the ordinary aspects of life
  • Wonder at achievements
  • Goals of the heart

Renewal essence allows a sense of renewal at the deepest level.  This happens slowly and gently but the outcome is profound.  After taking this essence the being can once again see the beauty in the world and delight in simple pleasures.  With this deep sense of the beauty and also the mystery of life back in place we can look at our life from this perspective of renewal and begin to regenerate depleted aspects of our life.  Tired patterns and ways of being can be shifted and the being can begin new projects or revitalise old ones with a clearer heartspace allowing wonder at all achievements to return and propel projects along.  If the sense of self has been diminished through hardship, benefit will be gained from this deep renewal.  The being will move into a place of a deeper understanding of self, goals and desires.  Goals will come to be true goals of the heart rather than the ego, those that do not satisfy the heart will fall away and new goals will emerge.  Life can begin again.

Liver Chakra

The Liver Chakra helps us to adjust to all change whether large or small.  It moves us through stages of change and often gets stuck due to fear of the new and anger at the past.  Sometimes it is hard to let go of old anger and hurt, we feel that we will lose something of ourselves if we don’t hold onto our resentments.  We think letting go means we do not acknowledge our pain.  This is far from the truth and it is in acknowledging our pain and hurt that we can move past anger and into a freer state of being.  We can be transformed.

Level 21 Transformation

The Level of Transformation takes us to a new level of commitment to our path and our work.  It is at this level that we need to reaffirm our resolve to pursue our work at ever deepening levels of trust and truth or to realign our path to another direction and another truth.  Both of these options are valid here and neither one better that the other.  Each of us must make an individual move to either reaffirm or realign, and either option involves greater depth of work and understanding.  Here we stand in our truth as never before and allow its light to transform us and illuminate all around us.

Rosemary Tincture (Rear Liver Chakra BL 52 Will Chamber)

The Rosemary plant gives us the wonderful gift of clarity – she clears away the dross of confusion and over thinking to an accurate discernment of the innate quality of things.  This ability to see without blinkers, to view without dissembling, to see to the heart of a matter or a person is a great thing.  We can see beyond the surface, the mask to the depth beneath, the glory of the being beneath the face they have learnt to wear to survive in the world.  And best of all we can see beyond our own mask to ourselves.  This then enables the process of leaving the mask behind and stepping into ones true nature.  For once we have the ability to view ourselves as we are behind the mask we can then understand that the mask is only an encumbrance on our journey and serves no purpose other than to hold us back.  Without the mask we are able to reveal ourselves and in so doing we learn that we can operate more effectively in the world without our barrier.  For this is what the mask is – a barrier behind which we separate ourselves from others.  It is only when we are brave enough to accept ourselves as we are, warts and all, that we can see that the mask only served to hold back our development, it holds a distancing quality that allows true connection to be denied – how can we connect fully with another being who presents only a perfect façade to the world?  Rosemary helps us here.

Front Right Side Spleen 16 Abdominal Lament / Peacespace Mandala 51 The Arch of Assumption

Rear Right Bladder 52 Will Chamber / Peacespace Indigo Indigo Energenetics

Electric Blue Ray – The Colour of the Energy of Life, The Ray of Goodwill of the Goddess, & of Existing with her Sword of Truth