Relates to the Navel Chakra & the Level of Choice – Level 20

  • Breaking Free

This essence relates to issues from the past that need to be resolved.  These issues weave their tendrils through the auric field emerging in different situations at different times.  They affect different levels of the energy body as these hugely stressful issues from the past have affected spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels of the being.  The tendrils of old issues have restricted the being holding them in behavioural and physical patterns that they may not detect and from which they cannot break free.  Resolution wends its way through these remnants of past stress, melting away the cords of stress that are binding the being to behaviours that are no longer relevant.  The stress dissolves, the levels clear and then the energy levels can be realigned, freeing the being to pursue paths previously blocked to them for seemingly no apparent reason.  Life holds possibility and dreams can now be pursued with enthusiasm once more.

Navel Chakra

Situated just above the sacral chakra, the navel chakra is a very powerful chakra for change.  Lack of movement or rigidity in this chakra affects the whole sacral area, slowing down creativity and preventing the fulfilment that comes from a fruitful life.  When fully functioning, this chakra feeds the sacral chakra and thus the whole sacral area.  Creativity flows and ones’ life begins to flow more freely in the chosen direction.  This point when stuck can lead to many lower back problems.  The belief that one has to always be alone or do things alone will lead to a perception of a lack of support.  In reality there will be an inability to reach out and connect deeply with others due to an ingrained belief in one’s own lack of worth.  The tendency here is to do/give too much for others and then resent them when favours are not returned.  The healing here will lead to the ability to enjoy ones own company more and thus not be so reliant on the company of others.  In this space there is no room for resentment and so we can freely interact with others without an underlying neediness or unconscious demand for attention poisoning our relationships.

Level 20 Choice

The level of Choice is a harder place to be than most of us would at first assume.  To be confronted with freedom of choice is something long desired, but when finally here is very daunting.  For most of our lives our choices are limited, limited by income, imagination, ability, family, but mostly by ourselves.  When choice is no longer contained or constrained then we need to seriously consider what it is that we want on a soul level, what would genuinely fill and fulfil us.  Here we need to sort through all the wants and desires that we have assumed or had imposed upon us and search for the pearl at the heart of our being – that which makes our soul glow, grow and sing.

Melissa Tincture (Rear Navel Chakra GV 5 Suspended Pivot)

The Melissa Tincture has a pervasive energy that sends us its gift of tenacity and courage.  This gentle plant sows the idea of broadening our horizons through hard work and vision.  It gives us the tenacity to bring our visions to fruition.  It opens our vision to broader perspectives so that we can pursue greater things than we initially aimed for.  Because there is always a growth and without extending ourselves further we will not push ourselves to our limits, challenge our boundaries and grow.  We need growth and new directions to keep our interest and to stop ourselves from stagnating.  In this way Melissa is a breath of fresh air.  It sweeps a broom over all activities and paves the way for new directions for expansion of the tasks we were already doing.  Sometimes we may just need to revitalise our spark to see our lives with fresh clear eyes.  Melissa helps us to do this so that we can continue on our way without losing interest or joy in our choices and our creativity.

Front Central Vessel 8 Spirit Gate / Peacespace 6, 66, 666

Rear GV 5 Suspended Pivot / Peacespace Mandala 85 Guilded Guidance

Ochre Ray – The Ray of Real Reconciliation, The Rhythm for the Ancestors, their Rhyme & Reason