Relates to the Halo Chakra & the Level of Gateway – Level 31

  • Alignment with the New
  • Creativity
  • Deep soul expression

This essence is designed to facilitate our movement into the new, structure with hope and positivity.  Shine encourages us to take a leap of faith through the portal of the new and close the door on the heavy darkness of the past.  It helps us to look forward rather than back, allowing us to fully embrace the new energy.

My step through the portal shows a lighter world with a star like energy.  Here in the new we can begin to express ourselves without the baggage of the past weighing us down and keeping us low.  We can rise now to be our best selves, our most creative.  We can finally express our souls in a deeply genuine way, moving beyond those constraints that have held us back and held us down.  The new holds a greater sense of freedom than we have experienced before.

Let your soul Shine forth.


This chakra sits above the Crown Chakra and acts as a gateway for the incoming energy from higher levels.  Here we filter what we need or can assimilate.  The energy that passes through to the Crown is then absorbed and processed into our understanding allowing for expansion of our being.

Level 31 Gateway

The Level of the Gateway is our access point to higher levels and as such should be well protected.  It is at this level that we gain clearer communication with higher levels.  Our channel gains strength and our path assumes a complexity of direction that was unknown before.   While the goal of spiritual evolvement is still there, the path is now criss crossed with other energies that previously stood above us and held us in grid-like formation.  Up till now our path was straightforward, now it is a multiplicity of levels that operate all at once, separate yet interlinked.  The once solid ground beneath us has shifted and changed and we enter a new world of understanding and growth.  We need to recommit to our path with this new complexity in mind.  Our energy needs to relax and weave a new world of understanding and being.

Front Governing Vessel 21 Before the Vertex. / Peacespace Mandala 81 Planting, Planning & Plaiting

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