Relates to the Ankle Chakras & the Level of Support – Level 25

  • Strength and Friendship
  • Clearing
  • Transition

The fresh energy of Strength essence clear cobwebs from the mind.  It adds zest to our endeavours and a clean atmosphere in which to pursue them.  Strength encourages the entrance of the new and provides the gift of friendship through times of transition.  It stands by us strongly as its clear vibration goes to work opening our minds to the pathway ahead and assisting us to transition into the new.

Ankle Chakras

The ankle chakras follow the feet issues of moving forward along your path.  The ankles particularly relate to our ability to remain steady while on the path.  If we flounder, become unsure, become victims to the feeling that we are alone and will remain so, then the ankles will become problematic.  At times the journey can be lonely and to some extent we can never communicate certain aspects of the self.  Rather than feeling isolated because of this we should enjoy our private/incommunicable aspects.  They are the part of the self that allows us to enjoy both intimacy and solitude.  If we nurture these parts of ourselves we will be more relaxed in our relations with others and more at ease within ourselves – expecting less from others and being happy to be alive.

These points can get very stuck and stiff due to old injuries – these are points that people often break or sprain.  These injuries seem to relate to times when we have allowed ourselves to be diverted from our true nature or path.  By releasing the old resentment or fears that sit here the points can lock in again and we accept our path more willingly and flow along it more smoothly.

Level 25 Support

The Level of Support gives us the steady hand we need in times of strain.  When we feel as though our efforts are unnoticed, when our direction feels cloudy, when we suffer doubt and despair then this level will need some work.  Here we ground strongly and find our clarity and determination of purpose again.  We recover from our disequilibrium and disbelief and regain the ground we lost through a faltering of our stride.  When in balance we can again move forward on our path with a firm and strongly grounded sense of direction.

Plantain Tincture (Rear Ankle Chakra SP5 Shang Hill)

The Plantain Tincture has a very sturdy nature allowing us to stand strong and true on our individual path without falling victim to doubt or insecurity.  It helps to clear out the webs of self doubt from our lines of energy so that our steps are more certain and decisive.  It gives a great clarity to our direction and enables a much more focussed use of energy in our work and larger lives.  It allows us to shake off the activities that are not supporting us and to redirect this energy to more rewarding aspects of our lives.  It reins in our energies so that we no longer scatter ourselves too thin or give too much away.  It gives greater purpose and direction to our daily lives so that ultimately we achieve more and feel more fulfilled.  Plantain helps us to live the life we truly want to live, not the one we feel we ought to live.  It gives us confidence in our direction.

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