The Elixir of Life

Relates to the Whole Auric Field & the Level of New Kingdom – Level 33

  • Freedom from Attachment
  • Letting Go
  • New Beginning

The Elixir is a very powerful essence/tincture made from a large variety of plants.  The variety of plants used in the formula results in a very broad based application.  The Elixir is most appropriate when the work for change has been done, but somehow things are not progressing as they should.  The being needing The Elixir would be well along the path and have reached a point where either the road forks or a new beginning is required.

The future may well be a blank and direction may be unclear.  The choice of which fork to take or what to do for the new beginning will be unknown.  The old way will be outworn, but the new way will not yet be visible.  This creates a very difficult space, a time and a place where uncertainty reigns and we live as though under a cloud.  It is actually a dark space, a time when we have to withdraw to regroup.  The journey must start on the inner level and emerge from the dark and emptiness.  It is as though all that has gone before is irrelevant, useless and meaningless and only a hole shows as the future.

It is in this space that we take The Elixir.  It does not move us from our empty space, our beginning place, rather it allows us to stay in the blank, the unknown and remain in this difficult place until we have faced the emptiness and meaninglessness that is within us and emerge into a new light stronger and more ourselves than we have ever been.  The new self emerges slowly – it has to because it is a stranger to us and we cannot know how to deal with this new person in the world immediately.  Our actions don’t seem our own.  Our life can take sudden new leaps in directions that never interested us before.  We often don’t know ourselves and a feeling like vertigo can assail us.  We can feel slightly crazy and definitely lost.  All that we thought that we had learnt and gained along the path is now discarded.  The pot is empty, the way is blank, the future holds no lure for us.  We lose all desire: there is no point in desire, there is no point in goals there is no point in anything.  We let go of all and yet somehow keep going, no longer because of the belief that life will improve, but because we have to.  There is no way out and the only way to continue is to put one foot in front of the other into the abyss.  Our life as we knew it is over.  We don’t know ourselves and we don’t know the future.  We continue, assuming that at some point we will understand and no longer much caring if we never do understand.

The use of The Elixir is for when we are being tested to the extreme.  It helps us to be free of all attachments, when the process of letting go is finished our outlook on all human endeavour will be forever changed.  We work now only for the light/source/god whatever you choose to call it.  We are not driven by small human desires and glamours, we are not attached to outcomes, we do because we are directed.  We know that none of our achievements are our doing, we know that we cannot create, we know that everything has to come from source because we have been emptied and have let go of ownership of everything.  And while this may sound nihilistic, it is not, we are now free of the constraints of vanity and can experience a freedom we have never known before.  Never use this essence lightly – it is for use only in the largest of transformations.

Level 33 New Kingdom

The Level of the New Kingdom is where we truly align to the new energy on all levels.  While the previous two levels helped us to adjust to the shift in energies and to keep ourselves strong and clear in the nebulous new world energy, this level allows us to overcome the confusion generated by the shift and to align ourselves to our new being and a new way.  We need to work on this level when we are drawn back to the old world, when we are not fully anchored in the new.  Alignment here will help us find the new direction we need when we lose our way, we are treading new pathways here so this point of anchor will allow exploration without a loss of auric strength.  A strong 33rd level will bring us back into containment after forays into the new, it will help us to assimilate change and learnings and provide stability for us to dissolve the old without coming adrift.

Fumitory Tincture (Rear Chakra GV 9 Extremity of Yang)

The beautiful fumitory plant offers itself up with its soft and gentle energy.  It helps to alleviate the tension that is held around the heart centre.  Its pink and magenta flower reflects this beautiful heart energy.  It gently penetrates the tension held in the heart and starts the process of movement through stuck energy.  It gently shifts us out of emotions that we cling to and allows us to express what is in our hearts more honestly.

It brings a sense of refreshment to our thoughts and emotions, revitalising us when we feel weary and unenthusiastic about life.  It cares for us very deeply, nurturing our hearts back to health and happiness.  It brings back the enthusiasm and dissipates the weariness so that once again we can go about our lives with enjoyment.

Front CV 16 Central Palace / Peacespace Mandala 132 Moonbeams and Shadow Dancing

Rear GV 9 Extremity of Yang / Peacespace Mandala # 84 Silver Threads

Mother of Pearl – The Ray of Aligning your Self Conscious State with Divine Will