The Guardians

Relates to the Shoulder Blades /Angel Wing Chakras & the Level of I-Thou – Level 30

  • Strengthens
  • Balances
  • Calms

This essence radiates a crystal like energy and is very effective for children.  The devas, a beautiful grey/green colour, stand as guardians over this essence and all who use it.  They have a deep inner calm and strength that they impart to us.  Children often take on the hurts of others and then find it difficult to separate their own being from the others they have tuned into.  Adults do this too, but to a lesser extent.  The Guardians essence works to strengthen the heart centre so that the energy that radiates is fully grounded.  It strengthens the central core of the child (or adult), enabling one to discern what is one’s own pain and what is the pain of others.  It has a centrifugal action that brings the hurts of others out of the heartspace.  The presence of the guardians means that these children can be supported, they do not have to work alone.  It allows the strength to give while also nurturing the self.  This leads to a calm and wise detachment from the problems of others – the energy is contained by their own strong inner core rather than coming out in chaotic or over-emotional ways.

Shoulder Blade Chakras

The shoulder blade chakras are the points where we spread our butterfly wings.  Drawing on the energy of the breasts (nurturing) and the love of the heart chakra, these chakras open and flow with the expression of our dreams brought into daily life.  When our dreams have not been fulfilled or have been put aside due to “reality” and the need to make a living, we need to work on these points so that our frozen dreams can flow freely into the world once again.

Level 30 I-Thou

At Level 30 we meet the point of deep union with others.  At this point on the path we can unite freely with others while maintaining our strong sense of self and our commitment to our own path.  We do not lose our light to compromise here.  We cannot be swayed from our truth.  Here we stand strong in our ideals and beliefs and live according to those beliefs regardless of the opinions and beliefs of those around us.  We do not perform or parade, we just stand tall in our being.

Grapevine Tincture (Rear Shoulder Blade Chakras)

This Tincture offers a unique binding quality that connects us deeply with our spiritual home.  It overcomes any intervention or obstruction to this connection and facilitates a clear flow of energy from source.  With such a clear channel of energy available we can proceed with our work without the usual vacillation and avoidance.  We do not seek guidance from outside sources for validation, we have our direct line of contact to source intact and flowing.  All information received through the brow is now clearer and brighter.  The questioning shadows no longer slow our channel.  We can do our work quickly and competently and get back to a more fluid existence where messages flow and our lives flow with them.  Life takes on more resonance now, there is a natural enjoyment of our spirit selves that merges with our physical selves easily and peacefully.

Front Small Intestine 11 Celestial Gathering / Peacespace Russet Green Energenetics

Rear Stomach 17 Breast Centre / Peacespace Mandala 133 The Navigator & the Negotiator

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