The Initiate

Relates to the Top of the Head Chakra & the Level of Initiation– Level 27

  • Links the physical with the spiritual will
  • Dissolves old grief from times past
  • Allows for a one-pointed focus on the path

This essence strengthens the physical through linking to the spiritual will.  Up until this point much of the work on the journey has been directed to the spirit, developing the higher levels.  Now the time has come to move all this knowledge back into the physical, strengthening in a much more physical way.  The Initiate works on the grief from times past to fully dissolve any remaining bits and pieces, allowing the being to embrace the physical as never before.  Old stuck points are loosened as we move into the physical and our body is strengthened by the clearing of old astral / etheric patterns.  We become more active, we become less burdened, we become more focused on walking the path in the everyday world.  This one-pointed focus is the spiritual will in action.  Our duties become clear and we can walk the path directly, completing our tasks with greater ease.  This essence is very practical in its application – it enables us to stay strongly grounded while pursuing our spiritual path.

Top of the Head (GV 20)

The point on the top of the head (anterior fontanel) is in a sense a mirror to the feet chakras.  It ties in all the lines at the top as the feet chakras do below.  This point relates to our connection with Source and the flow of energy around the entire body.  We need a good, strong flow here to ensure the entire system is strong.  Challenges here affect how we operate in the world in terms of bringing the goals of our path to fruition.  Past life issues will be stored here for resolution at the appropriate time.  As we work through the life lessons that we have chosen for this time, this point will become more open allowing greater clarity in the connection to Source.  Some issues will not be possible to resolve until the difficulty has been experienced fully, frustration only serves to prolong our suffering.  Try to be as peaceful as possible with the lessons to learn and the passage through them will be easier.  In terms of meridians this relates to governing meridian # 20 (governing fire, air element – connection to spirit, reception of spiritual values).  This acu-point is considered the governing point for all meridians and acu-points, and through this point all organs, tissue, glands and associated mind states can be accessed.

Level 27 Initiation

At the Level of Initiation we confront our deeper self.  Here we meet the self we have kept hidden and greatly fear.  This self contains our hopes of the self we would like to be and the fear of the self we hide from the world.  When we confront this shameful shadow self we are freed as never before from the mismatch between the expectations of the world and the reality of who we are.  If we can embrace the shadow we will create a life based on the true expression of the whole self.  We will no longer deny the aspects we find unpalatable, we will become more fully human by accepting our whole being.

Governing Vessel 20 Hundred Meetings & Peacespace Mandala 106 Becoming Beyond

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