Relates to the Eye Chakras & the Level of Guidance – Level 17

  • Gentle Wisdom
  • Will to Action

The Vision essence provides a gentle wisdom, a knowing of all that we are and that we have to offer.  It has a calm energy that softly radiates from the plant and infuses all those around it with the same.  This vibration works to activate the energy of will to action.  If our driving force is this calm wisdom then we can keep to our path without running out of steam or running around in circles.  Vision will keep us working strongly, but gently using universal energy rather than nervous energy to fuel our activities.

Eye Chakra

Situated at the back of the head, this chakra is a point of access to our inner gifts.  Problems with vision, both spiritual and physical represent an unwillingness to accept ourselves and the power of our personal vision.  Such unwillingness will hold us back from pursuing goals that would contribute to our happiness and fulfil our obligation to world service.  Here we may lack trust in our own vision due to ridicule or hardship.  The need to stand up to others to support our own vision may have been too difficult.  This chakra supports us in our faith in ourselves, our faith in our vision, and gives us the strength to stand strongly in our own understanding and truth, regardless of the impact of the disbelief or disparagement of others.  A lot of fear may be held here.  Release means pursuing your path with a clarity of vision which you have denied yourself due to a perceived need to conform to the prevailing view of society.  Standing strongly in your own truth generates the fear of rejection, which is ultimately a fear of yourself.

Rue Tincture (Rear Eye Chakra BL1 Bright Eyes)

The Rue Tincture helps us to heal on many different levels.  It organises our energy into a powerful force for change by opening us up to new ways of being.  It brings in new consciousness and new energy that revitalises and renews all aspects of our emotional being.  When we are tired and feel that all our efforts have resulted in nothing it shows us how far we have come and gives us the lift needed to continue on our path.  It gives us grit and strength by flooding its energy of persistence and presence through our being.  It grounds us, it fills us, it holds us within its strong presence bringing back our own strong sense of self and purpose so that we can continue our path with renewed vigour.  It allows us to stand solid and true in our own being again our purpose deeply rooted in the soil of time and place.

Level 17 Guidance

The level of Guidance provides us with an intuitive understanding of our path and aligns us to this direction.  When feeling unsure of where to go next or what to do, there may be some work needed at this level.  The act of stillness, tuning in, slowing down, just being is the place that can now help us most.  Open the doorway to guidance, allow yourself to relax into the giving up of control and see where your guidance takes you.  The paths are many, the destination is only one.

Front Governing Vessel 18 Unyielding Space / Peacespace Mandala 113 Landscape Latitude

Rear Bladder 1 Bright Eyes / Peacespace Amber Magenta Energenetics

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