Relates to the Left side of navel & the Level of Balance – Level 18

  • Deep and Dark
  • Bridging Yin/Yang

The deep, soft energy of the Yin essence enables us to delve into the soul.  It provides a point of access to the deep and dark within, bringing this awareness slowly and softly to the surface.  By increasing our understanding of our soul we can bring this slow, quiet energy into all aspects of our being, deepening our everyday experiences, slowing to soften into the moment.  This yin energy can then move into the yang areas of our life, increasing the sense of wholeness in the busy-ness of our daily lives and creating a gentle bridge between the two.


Relates to the Right side of navel & the Level of Balance – Level 18

  • Love of Place Person and Creed
  • Spiritual Warrior

This essence is designed to assist men and male side of self in both men and women.  It is a complex essence that reflects the complexity men and the male energy face in the world today.  The Warrior self is now only expressed in a very narrow way – it is called “male” in its expression but this denies the true nature of the Warrior.  The Warrior does not fight for the sake of it, or for money or greed, he is not only a physical being in a physical fight.  The true Warrior fights for a deep and abiding love of place, person and creed, this fight can be on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels.  This is not a blind fight; it has the clarity of a discriminating mind and reflects a sense of right and truth.  This combination of clarity and depth of feeling is what is missing from today’s warrior and needs to be reinstated to its primacy of position in the male and female psyche.  Then the whole male can interact with the whole female, on both the inner level and in the external world.  These polarities can then find a healthy expression and exist as a healthy duality rather than an opposition.  A balanced Yin and Yang will help create a less polarised world.

Yin/Yang Chakras

These chakras facilitate balance in the being, balance of male/female energy, balance of yin/yang energy and the flow needed to keep these energies in equilibrium.  We are all constantly moving between both these aspects of our being and our world is made up of the movement between the two.  We need both aspects to interact in healthy ways in order for our relationships and our expression of self to be whole and reflect our depth and our drive.  As the central and governing meridians represent a continuous loop between the two, so should our person.  This is not either/or, nor is it opposition, it is the complex flow of the energy of the universe playing out in our human selves.  It is dark and light, it is night and day, it is male and female and they are all defined by their polarity.  So embrace the other within you and within the world and in doing so you will move beyond conflict to the broader movement of oneness.

Level 18 Balance

Level 18 helps us to achieve equilibrium in our inner and outer aspects.  As we come to understand and make peace with our inner selves this is reflected in our relations and interactions with the wider world.  This sense of balance is not a fixed, static thing that once achieved remains constant.  It is a continuous flow of energy between ourselves and the world, our inner and outer expression of self.  We move and shift according to our circumstances and influences so our point of balance also shifts and changes.  This is a vibrant, living equilibrium reflected in the flow of life itself.  It is the Yin and the Yang.

Coffee Bush Tincture (Rear Yin/ Yang Chakra BL 25)

The Coffee Bush Tincture has a very broad application on the physical level and this is reflected in its spiritual healing abilities.  On the spiritual level it works to effect deep change to the core of the being.  It locates the original wound in the being and works to bring it to consciousness and heal this wound.  These are very old patterns that go back to our beginnings.  It is the issue we would rather avoid; the state of being we deny;  the wound that has destroyed us and created us.

Coffee Bush allows the wound to be exposed and healed and in doing so it breaks the cycle that has held us fast.  It restructures our being allowing us to begin anew with a sense of wholeness and release destructive patterns from the path that we have long outgrown.  It is the new beginning.

Front Stomach 25 Celestial Pivot / Peacespace Yellow Lime Energenetics

Rear Bladder 25 Large Intestine Shu / Peacespace Blue Ray Mandalas

Yin – Midnight – The Ray of New Awareness

Yang – Noon – Etheric Transfusion