Colour Mandalas

Mandala # 23 The Sky Blue Scope relates to the sound chord of F#, the stone of Sodalite and the animal Superb Blue (Fairy) Wren

In my work I often use colour mandalas to support clients through the changes they may experience after a session. Each mandala relates to an acupuncture point on the body, so they complement my kinesiology practice. The following is an excerpt from the Peace Space Colour Deck describing how the mandalas work.

While I look at the points from a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to the physical and psycho-spiritual perspective, the use of the mandalas can extend our understanding further. The mandalas bring in the frequencies of colour and shape, and offer a different insight into the psycho-spiritual aspects of the points. Each mandala also has a sound, stone and an animal associated with it, so, many vibrations can be drawn in as supports for healing. A client can then work with the aspect that resonates with them best.

2 thoughts on “Colour Mandalas

    1. Thanks Bryan, I work with the Peace Space mandalas, energenetic symbols and clearing and protection all the time. It has been a guiding light through these times.

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