Relates to the Mouth Chakra & the Level of Expression – Level 24

  • Positive, expansive energy
  • Joy

The steady calm of the Expansion essence creates a space within where stuck energy can work to free itself.  It allows room for bound up parts of the self to stretch into new dimensions.  Old blocks that we work hard to keep in place (using up a lot of physical energy) can be brought to light.  This frees the system so that energy can be used in a positive, expansive way rather than dampening down our joy.  With the shift that takes place when using Expansion we release our joy from its strong confines and begin to express ourselves more honestly.  We can then use this energy through the whole body and we no longer struggle with low energy levels.

Mouth Chakra

The Mouth Chakra operates at the level of expression but this does not mean only verbal expression, it refers to the broader expression of our deeper selves.  Often we may hold back from expressing the truth of our being, who we are and what we feel.  We may also hold ourselves back from expressing our life path and taking the actions necessary to pursue the path that would bring greatest satisfaction and growth.  Balancing this chakra can assist in this expression and free us up to follow the life we would like to live.

Level 24 Expression

At the Level of expression we come face to face with our reluctance to speak our truth.  Always speaking truth can be harder than we first imagine.  At this level we give up white lies, we do not gloss over difficult topics any longer, here we are forced to take the bull by the horns and speak with honesty.  Any dishonesty will be felt by us and have repercussions in terms of our spiritual growth.  Mastering expression requires great control and tact.  The power of the word is great and needs to be shown the respect it deserves.  And remember that when the appropriate words escape us, silence may be the best response.

Tansy Tincture (Rear Mouth Chakra GV 15 Mute’s Gate)

Tansy weaves its green energy around the being allowing a greater comfort in our existence on earth.  When we feel as if we do not fit the world we are in, that we are on our own in terms of our worldview and our beliefs, Tansy can help us to find our place again.  Tansy offers a gentle security in our own perspective on the world and allows us to feel a validity in a view that might be opposite to that of those around us.  No longer will we feel isolated or that we have to persuade others of our position, no longer do we feel at odds with the world.  Tansy brings a broader perspective to beliefs and chosen paths.  It brings peace to our choices and our differences.  It enables us to relax into the truth of our being and no longer feel that we are outsiders in a strange place.  It allows us to find our inner home and so be at peace in the greater world.  Tansy stands by us as we follow our particular, personal path.

Front Conception Vessel 24 Sauce Receptacle / Peacespace Mandala Zero

Rear Governing Vessel 15 Mute’s Gate / Peacespace Mandala 114 Thoughts of the Present

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