Working with Life Key Essences

I started making my essences in 1999. I thought that I would only make seven – one for each of the seven major chakras. However, the essences kept coming and I now have 33 for the front of the major and minor chakras and a tincture that sits at the rear of most chakras.

Often when I’m working a single essence will come up for people, relating to the issues of that particular chakra. It is possible to get more specific with the location of the issue when necessary, so sometimes the etheric level within the chakra will also come up.

For example, at the moment I have an issue with my mouth chakra. This chakra is about Expansion into a freer version of self. “The mouth Chakra operates at the level of expression but this does not mean only verbal expression, it refers to the broader expression of our deeper selves.” It’s about freeing ourselves to follow the life that we really want.

At this time, the issue in the mouth chakra is sitting at level 16 (Honesty essence). “Balance on Level 16 results in an ability to calmly and easily express our true nature and live according to our soul values. When we have found balance here life begins to flow on many levels as never before. Finally our inner voice is in sync with our outer lives. Here lies true freedom – the ability to truly be ourselves. We no longer shy away from expressing our deeper nature, it just emerges naturally in our every action. The conflict between inner and outer expression is overcome and our lives expand accordingly.”

For me, at this time, I need to overcome my reluctance to dive more deeply into my essence work and share this more openly in the world. And seeing the photos of the flowers just makes me sooo happy.

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