Relates to the Ear Chakras & the Level of Voice – Level 16

  • Stamina
  • Honesty

Honesty essence has a powerful energy that gives stamina and drive to all undertakings.  Its penetrating quality clears all niggling doubts and brings a purposefulness that moves us beyond the evasions and sabotages of our subconscious mind.  It is honest, straightforward and true – qualities that we all need to develop in ourselves for good relations with others.  While these characteristics may seem unsophisticated, the subtle quality that results from truth is that of being, being in the present, being in oneself, being in the here and now.  Honesty strengthens our boundaries and our sense of self so that we can stand true in our own being.  Those who hear voices that direct them to do wrong will be out of balance/ have interference on this level.

Ear Chakras

These chakras are very prone to blocks.  Ear waxy accumulations of negativity we have heard.  It builds up over years ultimately limiting our capacity to hear other more positive messages.  We can become weighed down by this build up and movement becomes restricted.  We have been told so many times that such and such won’t work, that we are seeing the world through rose coloured glasses, that if we are sensible we will toe the line and find security in a job, house, marriage.  So we stop listening to our inner voice and no longer tune in the voice of the universe.  By moving the stuck energy in these chakras we will find a new capacity for living life the way we want to regardless of how the family/friends/world may view this.  We follow our own truth and listen more deeply to the inner voice that has been blocked.  In this lies true expression of self in the world.

Level 16 Voice

Balance on Level 16 results in an ability to calmly and easily express our true nature and live according to our soul values.  When we have found balance here life begins to flow on many levels as never before.  Finally our inner voice is in sync with our outer lives.  Here lies true freedom – the ability to truly be ourselves.  We no longer shy away from expressing our deeper nature, it just emerges naturally in our every action.  The conflict between inner and outer expression is overcome and our lives expand accordingly.

Burr Tincture

The Burr Tincture addresses the fear relating to the expression of self.  It strips away our protective shield and leaves us feeling terribly exposed in terms of our shortcomings.  This sounds harsh, but it is only through accepting and facing our own weaknesses that we can move beyond them to what they shield.  These weaknesses protect us in this way:  because I am incompetent I cannot be an effective organiser; because I am stupid I cannot be a good writer and so on.  It is our negative self-talk.

The negative images we have of ourselves protect us from fulfilling our life tasks; they stop us from challenging ourselves; they allow us to hide.  Burr exposes us so that we have to take up the challenge and find the courage to achieve what we need to achieve, even though we feel unworthy or incapable.  This pushes our boundaries and our buttons, we will do all we can to avoid this, but it is the only path to true fulfilment.  And once outside our comfort zone, we can begin to enjoy the challenge, get pleasure from true expression, and allow ourselves true growth.

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Rear Triple Heater 21 Ear Gate / Peacespace Mandala 27 The Mermaid’s Moment

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