The Bugle (ajuga reptans) in my garden is now flowering, tall spikes of violet flowers. This plant is a traditional healing herb with bitter and astringent properties. It is used for bruises, hemorrhaging and sores. It can be made into a poultice and applied to bruises or drunk as a tea to help with gum issues, ulcers and sore throats. It also can move someone in shock to a more even head space and can help to alleviate hallucinations. It is used as a heart tonic and can help to slow the pulse. It can help with hangovers as well.

In my work it sits at the rear of the base chakra where I use it in the form of a vibrational tincture. The Bugle Tincture has a density to it that helps to bring everything together. All disparate lines of energy are brought into line and balanced allowing all aspects of the being to thread together into a cohesive whole. The blue/violet flowers offer rosettes of layered intent, gathering energy and dispersing it wisely. Stay flexible and take the time to ground and regroup, your energy should be used evenly and smoothly.

Bugle seems like a good plant to be working with at the moment in order to strengthen our base and navigate these difficult times with flexibility and balanced energy.

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