Welcome to 2018

Yesterday I welcomed in the New Year by doing readings with friends.  This seems like a lovely new tradition to embrace.  My challenge card for the year is The Fool.  The Fool is the zero card of the tarot, the first stage of a new journey.

The Fool is an innocent, embarking on a journey with spontaneity and trust.  The Motherpeace Tarot says “The Fool is not afraid to believe in something divine or greater than ego.  She invites a return of the Mysteries and a leap of faith into cosmic experience.”

So, I’m taking a leap into foolishness, placing greater trust in the flow of life and aiming to avoid tripping myself up through logic or over thinking everything.

My keyword for the year is “trust”.  What is your keyword for 2018?

Time to slow down…

It’s almost mid winter and we should be taking some time out in front of the fire and slowing down.  My Winter post from last year can give you more information on the Water Element and the kidney and bladder meridians.  Nurture yourself with warming winter soups and stews.  Allow yourself to relax and regenerate, don’t keep pushing on when you are tired.  Resting now will enable you to be ready for action in Spring.


ESR – Emotional Stress Release

ESR – Self help with kinesiology

This very simple technique is also very powerful and it’s something that you can easily learn to do for yourself and others.  Quite simply, the points in the picture below are gently held, either with the whole hand (easier than exactly locating the points) or with two fingers on each point.

For your own personal use you can hold these points while focusing of any situation that you are finding stressful.  Call the situation to mind, think of how it makes you feel, any colours, smells or sounds associated with the issue.  Remember to breathe while you are holding the points. You could also put an essential oil on your fingertips for greater relaxation.

You could now imagine how you would like the situation to be.  Continue holding the points until you lose focus on the issue.

Now revisit the original stressful situation and see how it feels.  Has it changed?  Has the emotional charge reduced?

I once did ESR for my small niece when she fell off a swing.  I held the points (whole hand over the forehead) and said to her “what happened”, she gave me a blubbery, incoherent answer.  I continued to hold the points saying “what happened” a few times, then she took a deep breath, calmed down and went back to playing.  The stress of the incident had been released.  It is great to use with stressed children.

The points we are working with here are Gall Bladder 14.  This is a neuro vascular point for many muscles in the body, including muscles that relate to the Central, Stomach and Bladder meridians.


Daylight Saving – it’s time to reset the body clock

With the onset of daylight saving I have been struggling to get up to walk the dog at our usual time.  Today I did a time of day balance to bring the body clock in line with the change of time.  The meridians relate to different times of the day so if we bring ourselves into the right meridian time we can function normally again.  This adjustment of the body clock is also good for jet lag or for anyone doing shift work.

Meridian Clock