When I got home from my early morning swim there was a baby gecko on the front door. In the Peace Space work Gecko aligns with Clearing and Protection Mandala # 119 Embracing the Bannister. “This is a reminder to be like a Gecko in keeping a ‘good positive focus’ and ‘taking a firm grip or stance’ on your pathway of Ascension so that you may remain stable, safe and sound in this, your life’s journey” (The Animal Companions).

This mandala sits at level 2 which relates to the left eye and is about reactive sight and will help you to observe your reactive responses with discernment. It’s shape is the square, a symbol of spiritual strength, which provides a secure boundary for your intuition.

I’ve been wondering what to focus on next in my work and pondering how to structure some new workshops. I’m grateful for gecko’s company as I take ‘hold of the Stair rail of Spiritual Striving’ once again.

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