Pigeon and Dove

I try to pay attention to animals and the messages they bring. I don’t much like pigeons. Many years ago I was staying in a house in London, my room was on the top floor and there were pigeons in the roof, I was really irritated by their incessant cooing. The day after I left the house to go travelling, the ceiling collapsed right on top of where my bed had been.

Yesterday there was a young pigeon on my doorstep when I went to leave. It was on the driveway when I was driving out and it sat there as I drove past. When I got home I looked up my animal book to see what it was about.

Pigeon or Dove sits with Noon/Etheric Transfusion (which pertains to our understanding of the New World perspective) in the Peace Space work, and sits on the stomach meridian. I had Steps 25 & 26 of Etheric Transfusion (which sit at stomach # 1) come up last week in relation to an ongoing shoulder problem – I developed a frozen shoulder in 2021 due to stress.

I’d been working on the muscle pectoralis minor to do a retrograde lymph correction. The stomach meridian point the showed to work on was stomach # 1 “receive tears” which empowers the processing of undigested emotional material. The last few years have been extremely difficult to navigate as we let go of the past in order to step into the New World, into the unknown. There has been a lot of emotion that has been unable to be expressed.

Step 25 works on the base diamond of Dreams and Destiny and helps you “to enclose and crystallize your island of what it is your want for your land – the land you love – and what it is you want to lend your hand to. This instills the trust required within yourself to hold the pattern of your Destiny and make it happen.” I’ve been trying to hold a vision of a different/better world. I’m hoping that we will move towards a more community minded, more natural future where we have a greater connection to the land.

Step 26 – Flying Home on the Wings of a Dove, “aligns and alights the nervous system…blood flow… and your brain perception… and offers radiation protection.”

This draws together so many threads of issues I’ve been working on such as a sluggish lymph system, an overworked nervous system and my sensitivity to EMF’s.


On the wings of a dove

Fly home

Your Dreams and Destiny

With your Gifts and Abilities

Beliefs and Belongings


All conscious

I hope all the threads are now coming together and helping to weave our new world.

When I went outside the next day there were two fledgling pigeons, perhaps that signifies co-creation. Unfortunately they were skittish and I couldn’t get a photo of them together. So thank you pigeons for bringing me another perspective on the issues I’m working through and my movement into the new. I’ll look at you differently from now on.

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