Summer Visitors to my Garden

Every Summer I am visited by Grey Currawongs, my friend Nerida has written the following message about Currawong wisdom. I think this is timely as we move into 2019 and we leave behind the ghosts of 2018.

Currawongs, are birds who are undeterred by the opinions of others, and appear to you when you find yourself meeting with challenging times or in need of releasing negativity in your life. They help you meet with your Ancestors who can shed light on lifting  pain, grief, old burdens or fear that hinder  creating a  peaceful and loving pathway. Call in Currawong as a totem to show you how to disperse weaker aspects of your personality, while strengthening your resolve to claim your own power. Currawong highlights the old, the redundant and damaging patterns from times past casting shadows that can make you feel haunted or restricted in making positive process and progress of your vision in life. Call in the healing of Currawong to help shift your perceptions and re-evaluate your beliefs and values to find new self worth, thereby allowing yourself to commence a new dance of the Ancient Circle promoting unity, strength, endurance and togetherness

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