Minor Chakra Essences

Life Key Essences for the Minor Chakras are listed below click the hyperlink to see more information.


Relates to the Feet Chakras & the Archetypal – Level 8

  • To bring all the levels together
  • Faith and Inner strength

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Relates to the Wrist Chakras & the Level of Manifestation – Level 9

  • Determination and Direction
  • Focus

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Relates to the Occipital Chakras & the Level of Individuation – Level 10

  • Clarity of vision
  • Understanding the mysteries
  • Releasing limits to power

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Relates to the Hand Chakras & the Level of Calling – Level 11

  • Clears negative energy
  • Participation in life
  • Unites with deepest longing

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Relates to the Hip Chakras & the Level of Momentum – Level 12

  • Fertility and Form
  • Comfort

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Relates to the TMJ Chakras & the Level of Fortitude – Level 13

  • Awakens memories from the past
  • Past knowledge that is needed in the world now
  • Releases negative emotions/experiences that persist

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Relates to the Knee Chakras & the Level of Forward – Level 14

  • Calm and Clarity
  • Opening
  • Lightness and Depth

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Relates to the Front of Thigh Chakras & the Level of Change – Level 15

  • Awareness
  • Light and movement

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Relates to the Ear Chakras & the Level of Voice – Level 16

  • Stamina
  • Honesty

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Relates to the Eye Chakras & the Level of Guidance – Level 17

  • Gentle Wisdom
  • Will to Action

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Yin Relates to the Left side of navel & the Level of Balance – Level 18

  • Deep and Dark
  • Bridging Yin/Yang

Yang Relates to the Right side of navel & the Level of Balance – Level 18

  • Love of Place Person and Creed
  • Spiritual Warrior

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Relates to the Elbow Chakras & the Level of Freedom – Level 19

  • Freedom from Fear
  • Stream of Life

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Relates to the Navel Chakra & the Level of Choice – Level 20

  • Breaking Free

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Relates to the Liver Chakra & the Level of Transformation – Level 21

  • Enjoyment of the ordinary aspects of life
  • Wonder at achievements
  • Goals of the heart

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Relates to the Sacrum Chakras & the Level of Present – Level 22

  • Embodied
  • Flexibility
  • Delight

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Relates to the Nose Chakra & the Level of Path– Level 23

  • Higher Vision
  • Breath of the Self
  • Alone

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Relates to the Mouth Chakra & the Level of Expression – Level 24

  • Positive, expansive energy
  • Joy

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Relates to the Ankle Chakras & the Level of Support – Level 25

  • Strength and Friendship
  • Clearing
  • Transition

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Relates to the Pancreas Chakra & the Level of Generative – Level 26

  • Clean Sweep
  • Elimination of the old
  • Breath of Promise

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The Initiate

Relates to the Top of the Head Chakra & the Level of Initiation– Level 27

  • Links the physical with the spiritual will
  • Dissolves old grief from times past
  • Allows for a one-pointed focus on the path

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Relates to the Shoulder Chakras & the Level of Integrity– Level 28

  • Integration
  • Calm and Wellbeing

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Relates to the Thymus Chakras & the Level of Constancy – Level 29

  • Free flowing movement
  • Action vs reaction
  • Strength and flexibility

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The Guardians

Relates to the Shoulder Blades /Angel Wing Chakras & the Level of I-Thou – Level 30

  • Strengthens
  • Balances
  • Calms

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Relates to the Halo Chakra & the Level of Gateway – Level 31

  • Alignment with the New
  • Creativity
  • Deep soul expression

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Relates to the Back of Neck Chakra & the Level of Seal – Level 32

  • Clears & Protects
  • Builds a Stronger Foundation
  • Maintains Clarity

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The Elixir of Life

Relates to the Whole Auric Field & the Level of New Kingdom – Level 33

  • Freedom from Attachment
  • Letting Go
  • New Beginning

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Life Key

Brings all of Life Key Essences into a cohesive whole.

● releases the old world
● embraces the new world
● balance between the realms

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